WATCH LIVE: Katie Hobbs To Give Inaugural Address At 10:00 AM MST With “Stepped-Up Security”

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Katie Hobbs is set to give her inaugural address today outside at the Arizona Capitol as lawsuits challenge Democrats’ narrow and highly questionable election wins.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Katie Hobbs was sworn into office at a private ceremony on the Ninth Floor of the Arizona Capitol Executive Tower on Monday.

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In a bizarre moment of incompetence and unseriousness, Hobbs bursted into laughter after she was told to solemnly swear that she will support the Constitution.

WATCH: Katie Hobbs Sworn Into Office At Illegitimate Private Ceremony, Breaks Out In Laughter When Asked To Swear That She Will Support the Constitution

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This also comes as a potential Arizona Court of Appeals conference is set to take place in late January.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the morning of January 24th was set for a conference and oral argument in Kari Lake’s appeal against Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson’s dismissal of her lawsuit to overturn the 2022 Midterm election.

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BREAKING: Arizona Court of Appeals Reserves Time for Conference and Possible Oral Argument In Kari Lake’s Historic Election Lawsuit – ORDER INCLUDED

FOX reported,

Hobbs has been governor since Monday, when power transferred under the state constitution. She’ll repeat the oath of office in public Thursday at the traditional every-four-years inaugural at the state Capitol.

The inauguration celebrations will take place outdoors at the state capitol. Fences and roadblocks have been placed in the area for security, and the stage and seats are set.

The ceremony is open to the public and tickets are free. Protestors are expected to be out as well, but likely in a designated spot – outside the wire fencing.

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Hobbs will also host an inaugural ball on Saturday. It will be the first governor’s inaugural ball since Fife Symington’s event in the 1990s.

Metal detectors are installed at entrances to the area. There will also be heavy law enforcement presence in, out, and on top of the capitol.

“There’s always been armed public safety personnel on the roofs of the House and Senate that look over the ceremony and pay attention. There’s lots of security around the governor and around the stage to look at the crowd and see what’s happening,” says Chuck Coughlin.

Hobbs is no stranger to stepped-up security. As Secretary of State, she was assigned personal protection last year after receiving death threats during the Maricopa County election audit.

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The inauguration ceremony is privately funded. The list of sponsors includes Arizona Public Supply (APS), although its parent company donated funds to Hobbs’ Republican opponent during the general election.

APS, the state’s largest regulated utility company, is now a major donor to the Democratic governor’s inaugural fund.

The Gateway Pundit applied for media access and did not receive an answer from the team hosting this event.

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Hobbs tweeted, “Join me, @AZSecretary, @krismayes, @KimberlyYeeAZ, and Tom Horne live at 10 am MT today for Arizona’s 2023 Inauguration Ceremony.”

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Watch live below:

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