Globalists following planetary script to REPLACE HUMANS with AI systems … you are now obsolete

Image: Globalists following planetary script to REPLACE HUMANS with AI systems … you are now obsolete
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Everything you are experiencing at this moment in human history is scripted. Planet Earth is controlled by the narrative makers who write the scripts that feed the news media, science journals, universities and cultural pillars of modern society, force-feeding the consciousness of the masses with a fabricated, artificial “reality.”

If you disagree with their fabricated, false reality, you are accused of spreading “disinformation” and will soon be criminalized for doing so as the global attack on free speech intensifies.

That script has now reached a critical inflection point where human beings — once valued for their labor contributions, creativity and problem solving capabilities — are largely considered obsolete by the globalist controllers.

Now, the script calls for the mass extermination of humans and their replacement with AI systems.

The entire purpose of humans was to give rise to AI, say luciferian globalists

The primary purpose of human beings up to this point, from the point of view of globalists, was to build up sufficient resources and technology to give rise to AI. Now that this tipping point has been reached, humans are obsolete and expendable.

This is why nearly every government has now been weaponized against its own people. This is why the covid plandemic was launched, and it’s why vaccines are designed to cause widespread infertility, disability and death.

This also explains the deliberate sabotage of food and energy infrastructure, and it tells us exactly why the suicidal US State Dept. is marching the world into a global nuclear conflict with Russia.

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They want us all dead. In fact, they have been ordered to achieve specific kill rates in order to appease their masters.

You are living in a grand Truman Show chapter of human civilization where the luciferian global elite have been told to exterminate most of the human population on planet Earth.

Globalist John Kerry cites “extraterrestrial” forces that have chosen a select group of humans to run the global extermination effort

John Kerry, speaking at the WEF event in Davos, recently stated (paraphrased) that “extraterrestrial” forces brought “selected” people to Davos in order to save the planet. Not to save the planet for humanity, mind you, but to save the planet from humanity. As the UK Daily Mail stated:

Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry says an ‘extra terrestrial’ force brought people to Davos to ‘save the planet’ in bizarre World Economic Forum speech…

Kerry then launched into a diatribe warning attendees that ‘time is running out’ to avoid climate change’s ‘worst consequences.’

Yes, WEF globalists are now openly admitting that they believe they have been chosen by extraterrestrials to exterminate billions of human beings in order to save the planet from humanity.

I cover all this and more in today’s jaw-dropping, mind-expanding Situation Update podcast:

– Everything we experience is SCRIPTED by globalists to deceive humanity
– Greta Thunberg and police totally STAGE her “arrest” at #climate protest
– The great transition from HUMANS to AI is now under way
– Globalists see humans as utterly OBSOLETE and disposable
– John Kerry claims “extraterrestrial” mission to save Earth (from humans)
– Deliberate takedowns of food, energy and financial infrastructure is part of civilization destruction
– We are not the first advanced civilization to be destroyed on planet Earth
– Wretched tyrant Jacinda Ardern resigns as New Zealand PM
– Prepare for global banking freeze and bail-ins as banks on the verge of cash crisis
– Rifle values have skyrocketed in last 2 years
– Crypto firm Genesis preparing for bankruptcy as FTX contagion spreads
– Al Gore runs climate psyop scare campaign claiming “boiling oceans” and “rain bombs”
– New experiments reveal near-total immune system destruction after FOUR covid shots
– Canada running massive organ harvesting scheme via aggressive euthanasia push
– Facebook to allow nude women’s breasts all over the platform if they claim to be trans
– San Francisco panel demands millions in reparations payouts for all Blacks
– Suddenly everyone in S.F. will identify as Black

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