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Ending the Vaccine Mandate Isn’t Enough, National Security and Readiness Still at Risk.

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The US military has a recruiting and retention crisis that has been exacerbated by COVID/Mandates. Existing remedies will not fix recruiting and retention. Legal and emotional damages must be reversed, culturally nothing has been fixed. The health and safety of the force are at risk.

Join an outstanding group of experts who will share the challenges and propose solutions.

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Speakers include:

Former LTC Brad Miller: LTC Miller was relieved of his battalion command for refusing to comply with the mandate and then subsequently resigned altogether from the Army. He will discuss the failures of leadership across DOD.

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1Lt John Bowes: 1stLt Bowes is a grounded F-16 Pilot, extensive data on manning and retention environment as well as data on the flying community from both an impact and vaccine injury side.

Jordan Karr: Former Air Force Intelligence Officer, left the military because of mandates and will share personal stories and examples of service members crushed by mandates

Private First Class Karolina Stancik: A 23-year-old Army National Guard soldier, a healthy athlete before the vaccine, has suffered two heart attacks and a mini stroke after vaccination. She has been unable to get military medical to cover her bills and her command has completely abandoned her.

Rachel Saran: Rachel is a paralegal for Dale Saran in the lawsuits against the DoD. They work with approximately 1000 plaintiffs across multiple lawsuits offering a unique insight on frustrations of those affected by mandates.

Tom Stewart: Former Marine Helo pilot, providing perspective on service members discharged over mandates and other coercion tactics used by the DoD.

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Josh Yoder: Josh is a Veteran, Major Airline Pilot, and President of US Freedom Flyers, an organization founded to put a stop to the illegal mandates being imposed on airline employees and the traveling public.

Please check back for additional speakers.

The Twitter Space begins at 8 PM tonight.

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