TGP’s Joe Hoft Joins One America News Network to Discuss Biden Balloon Nightmare Tuesday Night in Lead Up to SOTU

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Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit joined Dan Ball at OAN in the lead-up to Biden’s State of the Union Address.  Biden’s China spy balloon nightmare and the many lies during this flyover by China were discussed. 

Joe Hoft joined Dan Ball at OAN in the lead-up to Tuesday night’s SOTU from Joe Biden.  There are some key points that came out on Monday that Joe addressed.

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On Monday there were reports from US Representative Mike Waltz from Florida that there were China balloons flying over the US when President Trump was President.  This is highly unlikely since no one ever reported it or heard about it until Monday.  This was discussed and more.

When asked about whether American generals committed an act of treason under President Trump by not telling him that China spy balloons were flying over the US, Joe replied:

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Those are all good questions, Dan.  I mean what is the truth.  It seems like that’s our biggest delima any more is that we have a crisis of the truth anymore.

And I remember Trump writing about these generals saying, man I used to think these guys were the greatest and then he had these guys that were in office that surrounded him and it was as if they were all part of a coup to try to remove him and certainly Mattis was one of those individuals.

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Next, Joe talked about Rep. Waltz remarks from yesterday that he claimed came from the DOD and some former members in the White House, presumably President Trump’s White House, and Walz claimed …

They didn’t want to tell Trump because they thought he was a loose cannon.  And then ironically last [Monday] night Mattis was down in Vero Beach, Florida, and just happens to be asked that question and says, “I have no idea what these guys were talking about.”

Next, Joe mentioned that he had talked to former Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer on Monday who shared that he worked with Mattis and others regarding national security and he never heard these stories before.

No, I just think that’s lie he says.  I was involved with these guys.  He says.  I’m talking to Mattis.  I’m talking to other top generals around the country.  I never heard that story.

Watch the entire interview from right before the SOTU below.

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