Counterfeit News Network (CNN) admits to sharp rise in cancer cases among youth, but won’t mention TURBO CANCER caused by Covid clot shots

Image: Counterfeit News Network (CNN) admits to sharp rise in cancer cases among youth, but won’t mention TURBO CANCER caused by Covid clot shots
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Cancer cases have been on a steep incline ever since the Wuhan virus “clot shots” have been jabbed into several billion sheeple. CNN, the “counterfeit news network,” claims cancer deaths are on the decline, but is that because so many of those deaths were labeled “died with Covid?” Now CNN is saying cancer is striking more young people than ever, while they’re in their 30s and 40s, but are they just running cover for the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA turbo-cancer-causing jabs, since millions of dollars of CNN’s advertising revenue comes from Big Pharma? In fact, CNN leads the cable news network pack in terms of pharmaceutical ad revenue. So go figure.

Young folks definitely do not benefit in any way from Covid clot shots. Sending spike protein prions throughout the vascular system is just bad for health in general, but to load up young people, who are in their prime, and often engaged in vigorous workouts, sports, cross-training, weight-lifting, and physical jobs, well, that’s just asking for trouble (hence all the myocarditis and pericarditis cases as of late).

Then there’s turbo-cancer, where the mRNA shots can cause rapid progression of T-cell lymphoma within just days, causing a turbo-effect of the spreading of cells in the lymph nodes, and a dramatic increase of gastrointestinal lesions, according to PET and CT scans on cancer patients. How?

The spike proteins serve as a carcinogen that feeds the cancer cells, propelling them to multiply exponentially, invading the rest of the body, using the lymph fluid as the expressways. The spike proteins are programmed by their “technology” to turn OFF the human genes (P-53) that fight off cancer. Now CNN is running cover for this phenomenon, pretending like young folks are just getting cancer out of the blue now, ever since the scamdemic broke out.

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Neurological issues caused by the Covid clot shots are signs the spike proteins have caused cancer in the body to develop turbo-style

Issues popping up with the bladder, bowels, and skin are warning signs that cancer is developing and taking over certain parts of the body, including excretive organs, such as the kidneys, ureter, urethra, urinary bladder, skin, liver, intestines, and lungs. Also, changes in hearing, vision, headaches, excessive bleeding and bruising for no reason, and seizures could be signs of cancer, or … side effects of the clot shots.

As more and more young people get the Covid clot shots, more victims of spike protein syndrome are happening around the world, and cancer is an easy cover story for this, as we see it plastered all over the counterfeit news network. “Cancer rise in younger people,” the CNN headlines read. “Don’t wait for symptoms” they say. In other words, rush to the doctor after getting the Fauci flu stabs so the doctor can blame anything else for these cell mutations.

“New cases of cancer are on the rise globally,” CNN declares. A “surprising number of new diagnoses are in people under 50,” according to CNN’s report about a 2022 Harvard University analysis, that also blames “ultra-processed foods” linked to ovarian cancer deaths. Yet, autopsies of the Covid-vaccinated reveal the spike proteins invade the ovaries, and the immune system attacks them when it identifies the toxic pathogenic invaders. Oops.

No wonder cancers of the breasts, colon, esophagus, gallbladder, kidney, liver, pancreas, prostate, stomach and thyroid are on the rise. That’s where the spike proteins are getting deposited.

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Of course, CNN is telling all these young adults that most of these cancers are hereditary. Sure, blame your parents and grandparents, even though nothing was wrong until you got the Covid clot shots. It’s always a “family history” problem, according to the medical industrial complex of America. It’s all about prevention and screening, they say, but those screenings ALSO cause cancer. That’s why they’re called “scammo-grams.”

Lastly, in the same article where CNN blames “family history” for cancer in young adults, they promote the Covid clot shots. They sure do have some nerve, and the propaganda is relentless on fake news. When will these journo-terrorists suffer the consequences of their insidious actions? Only time will tell.

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