Attorney Representing East Palestine Residents Urges Locals DO NOT Take Initial Payment from Norfolk Southern

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Attorney Michael O’Shea joined Neil Cavuto Wednesday morning on FOX Business Network.

O’Shea is representing 35-45 individuals and family units from East Palestine, Ohio who were affected by the train derailment and “controlled” explosion that resulted in a toxic chemical mushroom cloud above the region.

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O’Shear is encouraging East Palestine residents NOT to take the current checks promised by Norfolk Southern.

According to attorney Michael O’Shea Norfolk Southern is offering two types of fees. One is what we would call a reimbursement fee which Norfolk and Southern claims they are going to give to people in a one mile radius for hotels and other necessities.

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The second check the railroad is cutting is an inconvenience fee that is a standard $1,000 per person check.

O’Shea is concerned this may block residents from future restitution from the company.

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Residents are going to attend a local town hall meeting tonight in East Palenstine.

Source material can be found at this site.

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