Finally, After Woman Loses Her Legs, Missouri Politicians Begin Actions to Remove Soros-Backed St. Louis DA Kim Gardner from Office

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What was it going to take before Missouri politicians began an effort to remove Soros-backed St. Louis DA Kim Gardner from office?

George Soros, who assisted the Nazis in World War II Hungary, was somehow given US citizenship and then promptly began efforts to back politicians who would support his agenda.  One of his more sinister actions was to back corrupt attorneys in US cities who then promptly began ignoring crime, releasing perpetrators and making US cities less safe.

Kim Gardner in St. Louis is a Soros-backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney.  She has been involved in numerous corrupt activities.

Gardner was behind the removal of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.  She committed 62 acts of misconduct and 79 acts of false reporting in the case.  Greitens resigned as governor as a result but this wasn’t enough for Gardner to resign or Missouri politicians to bring her to justice.

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Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Releases All Rioters and Looters from Jail Without Charges Following Monday’s Mass Rioting

In September 2021, Freedom Principle begged Missouri Republican Governor Parson to remove Gardner from prosecuting felony cases based on her record.  Nothing happened.

StL Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Loses Appeal After Hiding Communications with Soros Operatives, Political Insiders in Plot to Take Down Missouri Governor Greitens

In January a former employee filed a lawsuit against Gardner and her assistant, a contract employee and convicted murderer.

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Then recently Gardner’s team didn’t show up in court to enforce the law again.  The repeat offender went on to hit a Tennessee volleyball player walking in St. Louis City last week  — and the young girl lost her legs after she was pinned to another car.

HORROR: Soros-Funded Prosecutor’s Office Didn’t Show Up for Trial, Didn’t Enforce GPS Monitoring – And a Volleyball Player Lost Her Legs

Finally, Missouri politicians are willing to do something about Gardner.  St. Louis and Missouri residents were livid about the incident.  The far-left St. Louis Post Dispatch reported:

A measure to allow the governor to name a special prosecutor for St. Louis appeared to gain momentum Wednesday in the wake of a high-profile car accident that left a visiting 17-year-old volleyball player in critical condition.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner’s office has come under fire for failing to try to put the man charged with hitting Janae Edmondson back in jail even though he violated the conditions of his bond more than 50 times.

Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden on Wednesday called on Gardner to step down, saying she was “incompetent and grossly unfit to hold her office.”

“She should resign or I will systematically and aggressively work with my colleagues in the #MOLeg to ensure her incompetence isn’t putting more lives in danger,” Rowden, R-Columbia, said Wednesday on Twitter.

“The people of #STL deserve better and Missouri deserves better,” Rowden said.

This could have been avoided.  It’s long past due.

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