Crooked Little Adam Kinzinger Attacks Tucker Carlson for Releasing Jan 6 Video – Rick Grennel Sets Him Straight

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Adam Kinzinger went after Tucker Carlson and his releasing videotape coverage of the truth behind the Jan 6 protest and riot.  

Kinzinger never provided these videos even though for two years after the event he had access to the footage because he was a member of the bogus Jan 6 committee that withheld this video from the public.

Kinzinger went after FOX News and Tucker Carlson.

CNN also appears to be happy to label the new video uncovered by Tucker as a lie. But using Kinzinger for support destroys their effort.

Rick Grennel set little Kinzinger straight – he notes that Kinzinger hasn’t responded to why he never released the same information and kept it from the American people when the little guy had access to the video when on the Jan 6 Committee.

It’s as if little former US Representative Kinzinger was trying to cover up the truth about Jan 6. 

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