Democrat Lawmakers in Maryland Introduce Bill Preventing Anyone 25 Under from Being Charged with Felony Murder

Democratic lawmakers in Maryland are attempting to pass a bill to prevent criminals under 25 from being convicted of felony murder.

In the state of Maryland, “Felony murder occurs when someone is killed while a felony crime, like robbery, is being committed.’

House Bill 1180 , also called the Youth Accountability and Safety Act, would ultimately prevent anyone under 25 from being charged with felony murder.


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The new bill was introduced by Democratic Delegate Charlotte Cruchfield.

Cruchfield’s reasoning behind the new bill is that a person’s frontal lobes are not fully developed until the age of 25.

Republicans, however, are not on board with the idea of murderers getting off the hook.

Per Fox 45 Baltimore:

However, opponents of HB 1180, like Republican Delegate Susan McComas say Democrats are only using mental capacity when it comes to soft on crime policies.

“Proponents of the bill say that the human brain is not fully formed in the frontal lobes until age 25. But yet, we’re doing other things in the general assembly, letting children vote earlier and earlier, letting them get hormone inducing drugs to change their sex,” said McComas.

The State of Maryland’s Juvenile Justice Service head Vincent Schiraldi previously went on record saying no one under 21 should be introduced to the Justice System.

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