Tucker Carlson on President Trump in Early January 2021: “I Hate Him Passionately”

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President Donald Trump hosted allies Tucker Carlson and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene at the LIV tourney at his Bedminster resort in New Jersey in July 2022.

Embarrassing text messages were released from the Dominion lawsuit against FOX News recently.

Dominion likely does not have a shot in hell in winning such a lawsuit considering all of the statements their own engineers have said about their software.  So they are releasing private text messages to damage FOX News with their vast audience.

HUGE: FOX News Filing Shows DOMINION Voting Systems Executives Including Eric Coomer Knew Its Voting Systems Had Major Security Issues, Was Hacked, and Was “Riddled with Bugs”

This is what you call lawfare.  We at The Gateway Pundit are all too familiar with this tactic by the American left.

A slew of new text messages were leaked to the mainstream news on Tuesday night.  The text messages show that Tucker Carlson was not a fan of President Trump, telling a colleague, “I hate him pasionately.”

Here is the text message thread.

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Notice that the media is leaking this now in order to steal the thunder from Tucker Carlson’s expose on the January 6 protests and the Democrats’ Big Lie.

It is not clear how Dominion can release all of these private text messages legally to the fake news media?

NBC News reported:

On Jan. 4, 2021, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was done with Donald Trump.

“We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights. I truly can’t wait,” he texted an unidentified person.

“I hate him passionately. … I can’t handle much more of this,” he added.

By this time, Fox News was in crisis mode. It had angered its audience when it correctly said Joe Biden had won Arizona in the president election. Executives and hosts were worried about losing viewers to upstart rivals, most notably Newsmax.

The private comments were a far cry from what Carlson’s viewers were used to hearing from the stalwart conservative host on his prime-time show every night.

“We’re all pretending we’ve got a lot to show for it, because admitting what a disaster it’s been is too tough to digest,” he wrote in another text message, referring to the “last four years.” “But come on. There isn’t really an upside to Trump.”

The revelation is in hundreds of pages of testimony, private text messages and emails from top Fox News journalists and executives that were made public Tuesday, adding to the trove of documents that show a network in crisis after it alienated core viewers by reporting accurately on the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Source material can be found at this site.

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