The Biden led Putsch against the Netanyahu Government

By Peter Paton
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What we are witnessing in the State of Israel, is the same form of Political Vendetta we witnessed against a sitting US President Donald Trump.

This is a Global Psyops operation being run by the US State Department, and orchestrated by Biden/Obama Apparatchiks, to destabilise, delegitimise and ultimately overthrow the Right Wing Netanyahu Government.

It is in principle an audacious attempt by the Biden/Obama Cabal to make Israel Ungovernable under the Right Wing Netanyahu Government, by provoking and financing Mass Left Wing Demonstrations and dangerous Civil and Military Disobedience in the Jewish State, stoked by an aggressively run Anti Netanyahu Social Media and Press.

The Ultimate Aim is to turn the State of Israel into a Pariah State, stripped of all International Legitimacy, and must be thwarted by the Netanyahu Government at all costs, even if it means conflict with Washington and the Americans, and Realignment with other like minded Allies.

The State of Israel faced the same Putsch and Casus Belli with the Obama administration for eight years, against Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish State.

The situation is being deliberately inflamed by a complicit and obstructive Israeli Attorney General Baharav-Miara, which is exactly the reason why the Judicial Reform needs passed in the Knesset at the earliest opportunity.

The Saudi/Iran Rapprochment has been caused by the weakness of the Lapid/Gantz Israeli Government and the complete failure of the Biden Administration to curb Iran’s lust for Nuclear Weapons and Military Expansion in the Middle East.

No situation should be allowed to develope by the Jewish State, that instigates the illegal overthrow of a democratcially and legitimately elected Israeli Government, and in turn initiates a Nuclear Armed Iran, which would be an Existential threat to the State of Israel.

Peter Paton
International and Strategic Adviser
Posted in Freedoms.