WATCH: “I Need to Take This All The Way for The People” – Kari Lake Discusses Today’s Arizona Supreme Court Conference on Her Historic Election Lawsuit in Exclusive Interview

Conradson: You just had this pretty large prayer rally. I think there was about 200 or so people there. And on such short notice too, you guys were there to pray for the Arizona Supreme Court as they consider your case today. What are you expecting here, and to you, what’s at stake if the Arizona Supreme Court can’t find the courage to make the correct and lawful ruling in your case?

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Lake: It was a prayer gathering that was so special. A lot of people are protesting right now. And I would venture to guess that everybody who left our prayer gathering felt more empowered, more strong, and more sure that things were going to go the right way than if they would have left just a regular ol’ protest. So, we decided to hold this, we thought that a prayer gathering would be more powerful than a protest, and I truly believe everyone who left today feels that is the truth, so it was great to gather with other friends and other Arizonans and pray for the current situation of our state and our country. And we prayed for the seven Justices on the Arizona Supreme Court. They have a great responsibility, right now, sitting firmly on their shoulders of taking up our case. We filed in the Supreme Court, and it’s imperative that they take up this case. If they don’t, they would in effect be putting their rubber stamp, their stamp of approval, on the most corrupt election we’ve ever seen in this country, which is the November 8 2022 Election in Arizona. We have proof that laws were broken left and right, and that Election Day was sabotage to hurt Republican voters. We have proved that, and unfortunately, a lower court Judge ruled against us.; he ruled against the people. And if the Arizona Supreme Court does not take this case up and give us the ruling and apply the law, then in effect they’ll be telling election officials in towns and cities and across our state that election laws are just suggestions, that things like chain of custody are just recommendations, instead of saying that this is the law and you must follow it to protect the sacred vote of the people. And so it’s really imperative that they take this up. Our entire elections and the faith we could have in them is at stake right now.

Conradson: What do you make of Maricopa County’s dishonest and flimsy argument in their latest response, misrepresenting your claim, completely avoiding the issues like 59% of machines failing and 10s of 1000s of ballots unaccounted for, hundreds of 1000s of signatures possibly fraudulently sent through the system? What do you make of this? Are they just terrified that the Supreme Court might make a lawful ruling here?

Lake: What I made of their flimsy response was that they have nothing. They know they’re wrong. Everyone knows they’re wrong. You can’t go anywhere in Arizona. Everyone knows this election was stolen. We saw that Rasmussen poll that came out last week that showed after, polling over 1000 Arizonans who voted in the 2022 election that the red wave did happen, it did occur, but they stole the election. And Maricopa County is where they have gotten quite talented at stealing and rigging elections. And they didn’t expect for We The People to stand up and say, ‘Not this time, we’re going to fight it.’ Their response was so bad, it shows they don’t have a leg to stand on. And we responded to their reply. I mean, can you imagine this? They’re basically telling the Supreme Court that we didn’t have a right to appeal our case. You know, 55% of Arizonans in this latest poll say that this election was rigged, and it was rigged to hurt Republicans. If it went the other way, and it was rigged to hurt Democrats. I promise you this, I would be just as livid. We shouldn’t have elections rigged either way. We need to get back to honest elections. And so, I actually thought their response was humorous because it shows they have nothing. They’ve got nothing, they know we have everything in our corner, we have the evidence in our corner, we have the people in our corner, and the people are fed up. That poll, Jordan, showed that independents and even Democrats think that these elections are fraught with fraud, have problems and that we need to restore honesty to our elections for all voters. Whatever political party they belong to wherever they stand on the ideological line, we need to restore our sacred vote to the people.

Conradson: That’s correct. Yeah, we reported on this poll at The Gateway Pundit, and in my opinion, not a single person in the state, in the country should have doubt in their elections. We need full transparency for the process. But Kari, is this something that you’re willing to take beyond the Arizona Supreme Court to the United States Supreme Court if needed if these Judges don’t have the backbone?

Lake: I would. I really would consider that. I need to take this all the way for the people. I was hoping that we would get the proper ruling in the lower court, and then I was hoping in the appeals court that the Judges would do the right thing. They kept switching out our Judges on the appeals court. We finally got three of them, and they didn’t do anything about it. And now I’m hoping that the Justices will, but I don’t want people to get discouraged. Every step of the way, we’re seeing the corruption be revealed to us. Had we just won in the landslide; we know we did, but had it just gone over pretty simply, we would not have been privy to how they’re cheating, who’s behind it. Every single day, we’re learning something else about these corrupt elections, who the corrupt people are. There’s been a grand revealing of the true level of corruption in our state here in Arizona. And so, I’m grateful for that. I truly am. And we’ll see how the Supreme Court rules in Arizona and how these seven Justices apply the law, and I think if they apply the law, and realize the weight that they have on their shoulders, and do the right thing, that we’ll get a ruling that is correct and for the people. And if not, I will really seriously consider taking it to the US Supreme Court, and I say that because as I’ve been out and about all over this country and all over Arizona, I can’t even tell you how many thousands of people come up to me. Everywhere I go, I’m inundated with people coming up, saying, ‘thank you for saying this fight. If you didn’t stay in this fight, we wouldn’t have a voice to fight for us. Don’t give up take it all the way.’ And so, I want to get honest elections restored in our country, and I’ll do everything in my power. I promised that to the people, and if that includes having to push this to the Supreme Court, we’ll find a way to do that.

Conradson: With the political persecution, the never-ending attacks on President Trump, and the threats of political persecution against you, the jailing of political opponents and even regular citizens. Will we have a country if we allow them to steal the next election in 2024?

Lake: No, and this is why I’ve been sounding the alarm since 2020. It’s why President Donald Trump has been sounding the alarm. It is the number one issue and we must speak out about it. You should wonder why they don’t want us talking about the elections. It’s taboo in the fake news and in a lot of politicians’ minds. A lot of Republicans won’t talk about it. We’ve got to talk about it. We have to reform our elections, or we’ll never solve the problems that we have, and stolen elections have serious consequences, stolen elections have deadly consequences. We’ve seen that with the fentanyl crisis, we’ve seen it with millions of people pouring into our country, with the lack of law and order, and people dying of violent crimes. We’ve seen it with our horrible withdrawal out of Afghanistan that left 13 of our finest men and women in the military dead, we’re now seeing the consequences of stolen elections in this outrageous march toward World War III. Joe Biden, this illegitimate president who is compromised by our enemies, is marching us toward World War III, and that’s the only reason that President Trump’s not sitting in the White House, because of stolen elections. That’s the only reason I’m not sitting in the governor’s office, because of stolen elections. And they’re afraid if We The People put our foot down and say, ‘no more’ and stand up to them, that they’ll lose power, and guess what? They will lose power because we don’t want these corrupt individuals in power anymore. So, we must stand up, fight for fair and honest elections, and demand it from our elected officials. Start calling these people, telling them ‘don’t fund Maricopa County. Don’t send money and give them the green light on their budget, from their state-shared funds, if they’re not going to restore honesty to the elections.’ Get rid of these people who are stealing our elections. It’s so sad here in Maricopa County because the people of Maricopa County and frankly the entire state, because of the way Maricopa County was run, have been disenfranchised. We are victims of a crime. And who do we turn to? We can’t turn to the Maricopa County sheriff for relief. He’s a Soros puppet. We can’t turn to our prosecutor’s office. They’re actually fighting against We The People Can you believe that? We’re fighting corruption in Maricopa County’s election, and we have taxpayer-funded prosecutors like Tom Liddy. He’s the one who’s fighting against We The People. So, we have to have a fighter in our corner, and the people have me. I am with them, and we’re going to continue to fight this any avenue we can right now we’re at the Arizona Supreme Court.

I should say really quickly, when I was at CPAC, I was interviewed by an Australian reporter and a Japanese reporter. And they were talking about what happened in our election, and I said, ‘are you telling me that the people in Japan and in Australia know what happened in Arizona, know about my race?’ and they said, ‘Oh my gosh, yes. We’re following it because the same thing is happening here. Our elections are not honest.’ And we are not free people in this world if our elections are not honest. It’s just the illusion of freedom, and if our elections just become theater, we will lose that freedom. And so we need everyone to stand up, exercise their First Amendment, and demand that we get straight and honest elections here in our country so that we can turn things around and have an abundant America where we’re all prospering and where we have our liberties back.

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