After Destroying US Economy, Justice System, Foreign Policy and Making America a Third World Country, Obama Goes to Australia to Make a Million Giving a Couple Speeches

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After destroying the US economy, foreign policy, and any semblance of a justice system in the US, Barack Obama flies off to Australia to make a million in a couple of speeches to elites in the land down under. 

What a disgrace.  The US economy is a mess, the justice system is criminally corrupt and America’s foreign standing in the world is cratering.  All the while the one man responsible makes millions on a luxury trip to Australia.

Many people ask, who is really running this country, it’s not Biden and the automatic answer is Barack Obama.  Many also believe corrupt old George Soros and China have a lot to do with the Biden Administration as well.

This administration is Obama 3.0.  Obama even said he’d like to be behind the scenes pushing a globalist, America-destroying agenda and not getting blamed for it.  It appears he’s done it.

Despite his horrible and corrupt record, Obama is still off limits for the media.  They praise him and yet his record is that of destruction and corruption.

His Twitter account has never been shadow-banned or censored and he’s only now been surpassed by Elon Musk on Twitter. It really shows you what lies, bots and a giddy press can do for you.

This week Obama took some time off from his backroom microphone at the White House and took a trip to Australia where the fawning media was all compliments for the man destroying the world’s freedom leader – the USA.

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Obama was reportedly going to earn $1 million for his few events in Australia.

The Obamas are in the country for Barack’s “An Evening with President Obama” tour.

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