FDA Commissioner Robert Califf dishonestly blames “health misinformation” for falling life expectancy rates… no mention of deadly medications or vaccines

Image: FDA Commissioner Robert Califf dishonestly blames “health misinformation” for falling life expectancy rates… no mention of deadly medications or vaccines
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During the covid-19 scandal, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proved itself to be one of the greatest purveyors of medical fraud and lethal propaganda. Despite their consistent failures in regulating drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines, the FDA still prides itself as the arbiter over all information that is shared by scientists, doctors, and researchers around the world. Despite playing a leading role in one of the deadliest “vaccine” roll-outs in the history of medical experimentation, the FDA contends that “health misinformation” is the leading cause of falling life expectancy rates in the United States. Of course, no “health misinformation” is ever spread by the all-knowing FDA and their intelligent counterparts throughout the federal government.

FDA Commissioner ramps up government censorship crusade

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf went on CNBC to ramp up the government’s censorship crusade against “health misinformation.” He believes people are dying at a younger age because of “misinformation” that comes from “antivaxxers” “anti-maskers” and other “public health threats” and “domestic terrorists.” These labels were used frequently and with force to subjugate and segregate individuals who thought critically about the pandemonium and forced medical experimentation that was taking place before their eyes.

In the interview, Califf said it will be his top priority to address this “infodemic” by appealing to “specific authorities at FDA, FTC and other areas” of the government.

“You think about the impact of a single person reaching a billion people on the internet all over the world, we just weren’t prepared for that,” Califf contended. “We don’t have societal rules that are adjudicating it quite right, and I think it’s impacting our health in very detrimental ways.”

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“Why aren’t we using medical products as effectively and efficiently as our peer countries? A lot of it has to do with choices that people make because of the things that influenced their thinking,” Califf said. Of course, the FDA played no role in misleading masses of people to live a life of paranoia, germaphobia, and hypochondria to ultimately herd them to a cataclysm of stress and deadly drug protocols, harmful isolationism, and vaccine injuries, and for tens of thousands, vaccine deaths.

FDA embroiled in historic censorship scandal that destroyed countless lives

Several agencies of the federal government are embroiled in one of the most egregious violations of the First Amendment since the founding of the United States. Top Biden officials, Anthony Fauci, the Surgeon General of the US, the heads of CDC and the FDA are all implicated in a censorship scandal that they directed over the past three years. These agencies conspired with social media companies to censor, shadow ban, and blacklist any source of information that did not comply with official narratives propagated by vaccine companies and their heavy-handed government enforcers. Even the law enforcement agencies of the United States (FBI) were engaged in extensive and elaborate efforts to surveil and censor US citizens across social media.

If anyone published information on the laboratory origins of SARS-CoV-2, they were banned and labeled “conspiracy theorists.” If anyone wrote about the insanity of masking, lockdowns, restrictions, and social distancing, they were censored as “dangerous public health threats.” If anyone protested vaccine mandates or called out the fraud and crimes against humanity that were used to force deadly medical experiments on the population, they were accused of spreading “misinformation” and censored across the internet.

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But every single act of so-called “misinformation” that the FDA and the CDC censored, ultimately was proven true. Every bit of common-sense truth, from the failure of masks, to the efficacy of early treatments, to the societal damages imposed by school and church closures, ultimately was vindicated. FDA Commissioner Robert Califf goes down in history as one of the all-time dunces, who is still trying to quash valuable information on the failure of the covid-19 vaccines and other acts of medical malfeasance that continue to take place to this day.

Now the FDA Commissioner arrogantly wants to form an official government commission to arbitrate all the information that is shared by scientists, doctors, nurses, researchers, and journalists around the world. As a dying breed of propagandists continue to slobber out deadly narratives, these evil machinations of thought control will continue to fail. Indictments and public accountability will continue to stalk these liars, threatening their empire of deception and control.

If Robert Califf is going to tackle “health misinformation,” he better look in the mirror and beg for forgiveness.

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