Mainstream Media Celebrates FOX News Settlement with Dominion Voting Machines

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The Mainstream Media (MSM) was overjoyed with the news that FOX News settled with  Dominion Voting Machines for $787 million dollars.

CNN was so happy they were giddy.  Former Politico journalist, Jake Tapper, smiled as he shared the results and almost laughed.

ABC was quick to share the news.  Dominion’s CEO said that FOX admitted to telling lies about Dominion.

SKY News reported that the case had been dismissed and Twitter felt compelled to correct the report and state that the case was settled.

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Here is the tweet:

MSNBC equated the Dominion lawsuit announcement to the selection of a Pope at the Vatican:

It was that kind of day, everybody waiting for a Vatican like puff of smoke”.

FOX News rolled over.  How embarrassing.  By doing so they gave the MSM everything they ever wanted. Wow.

Source material can be found at this site.

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