“They’re Not Men, They’re Women Dressed as Men!” – Based Teacher Shreds Trans Activists and Woke Audience on Dr. Phil Show (VIDEO)

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Credit: Fox News

A 5th grade teacher named Ron took on a group of trans activists with a woke audience fully behind them and won.

The showdown took place during a Thursday episode on the Dr. Phil show. The topic of the discussion concerned gender “inclusivity” in public schools, including tampons being given out in boys’ restrooms to curriculum teaching left-wing trans ideology.

One of the trans activists on the show was Eli Erlick. The Gateway Pundit reported in December that she was running an international drug smuggling operation targeting minors. She also advocated for the assassination of Supreme Court Justices.

As Fox News reported, the debate got quite heated when one trans guests claimed that giving out tampons in boys’ restrooms would help those who do not have their own money.

After she made this comment, Ron gave her and the rest of the room a biology lesson.


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Relevant transcript:

Ron: Men do not menstruate. Only women menstruate.

Trans activist: But what about trans men and nonbinary…

Ron: They’re not men, they’re women dressed as men. You can pretend to be a man and that’s okay. That’s perfectly fine. Go live your life.

Trans activist #2: Why do you not believe it’s rude and why you believe you have a right when someone identifies a certain way that it is not correct that they are that particular gender or identity?

Ron: Why do I feel like it is right to tell them the truth?

Trans activist #2: But it’s not the truth!

Ron: The people who hate the truth object to it because they see the truth as hateful. If you want to identify in any way you can, you’re free to do so. But that does not mean that the rest of us have to join that illusion.

Audience member: If a transgender person is not harming you or the people you love, why do you care so much?

Ron: Because you want us to care.

Audience member: No, I don’t want you to care, I want you to be quiet. I want you to stop being hateful.

Ron: I disagree with you, and so you call it hate. But there’s no hate in my heart at all.

Audience member: You are being hateful. When you tell somebody that identifies as a man that they’re not a man, that’s hateful.

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Ron: That’s not hateful. That’s a fact.

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