One America News Network Founder Robert Herring Extends Invitation to Tucker Carlson to Become Host on Network in Multi-Million Dollar Offer

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On Monday FOX News announced they were parting ways with their top-rated prime-time host, Tucker Carlson.

This came as a shock to many of his devoted fans in the populist movement.

By Monday evening Tucker Carlson already had at least one offer. One America News founder and CEO Robert Herring extended an invitation to Tucker Carlson to meet and negotiate a deal to become part of the OAN team.

Robert Herrring reportedly told the Times of San Diego he might offer Tucker $25 million a year to join the OANN team.

Zero Hedge reported:

When reached for comment, Herring told Times of San Diego via email: “It would be great if we could get Tucker! I might give him around $25 million. And he would be well worth that!

Carlson was making between $15 and $20 million a year hosting “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” according to Forbes.

He’s also received an offer from Russia’s state-sponsored RT network.

Source material can be found at this site.

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