REPORT: Joe Biden Losing Support From Hispanic Voters

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Joe Biden has a growing problem with Hispanic voters.

During the 2022 midterms, one of the big stories was the increasing support for Republicans among Hispanic voters.

It looks as though that is still happening and could hurt Biden in 2024.

This is from the liberal outlet Politico:

Hispanic voters have soured on Biden. Now he needs to win them back.

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign website went up last week, complete with Dark Brandon merch, a new campaign video — and a Spanish-language version of their launch page. So far, Biden is the only presidential candidate to have such a translation.

But the page itself had multiple mistakes. The Spanish-language version underwent several edits since Tuesday — a corrected accent mark here, an added-then-removed-then-added-again “Unidos” there — before settling on a final version two days later…

Republicans are keen to expose any fissures between Biden and Latino voters. They have adopted aggressive media strategies to reach that voting bloc and accused Democrats of misunderstanding the fundamental issues that animate them.

“What it tells me is that after four years, his Hispanic operation is still a mess,” said Giancarlo Sopo, a Republican media strategist who specializes in bilingual communications and Hispanic outreach. He cited word-for-word mistranslations that could be confusing for native Spanish speakers as an example the campaign is “not that serious about going after the Hispanic vote … or that they’re ill-suited for that task.”

Perhaps Jill Biden is part of the problem. Remember these moments?

It’s a wonder how Joe Biden ever got any support from Hispanic voters after that.

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