JUSTICE DENIED: Proud Boys Members Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy by DC Kangaroo Court – Face 20 Years in Prison – After FBI Created and Planted Evidence in Their Chatroom

The DC jury reached a verdict in the Proud Boys case on Thursday.

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The jury agreed that the government proved the existence of seditious conspiracy (a complete joke).
Proud Boy Ethan Nordean – guilty of seditious conspiracy
Proud Boy Joe Biggs – guilty of seditious conspiracy
Proud Boy Zachary Rehl – guilty
Proud Boy founder Enrique Tarrio – guilty of seditious conspiracy

The FBI created and planted evidence in the Proud Boys’ group chat. The kangaroo court ignored this truth.

Meet Samuel Armes – Groomed by the CIA and FBI and Author of the Original “1776 Returns” FED-SURRECTION Document – That He Reportedly Told a Friend to Send to the Proud Boys to Set Them Up

TGP’s Cara Castronuovo’s reaction, “I am heartbroken.”

Julie Kelly reaction.

Source material can be found at this site.

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