Julie Kelly: The DOJ Is Going to Indict Trump – May Put Him in Prison Until His Trial (VIDEO)

Jesse Kelly: Julie, give it to us right between the eyes. They wouldn’t actually put Donald Trump in prison, right? A former president, you don’t think they’ll go that far, right?

Julie Kelly: I absolutely do. And I’ll go even deeper between the eyes, Jesse, when he is indicted for if he’s indicted, of suspicious conspiracy, which I think the chances of that just increase tremendously. Today, I can see Jack Smith seeking pretrial detention for Donald Trump, which is exactly what they’ve done in every defendant who’s been charged with seditious conspiracy. So now they have a precedent for these courts to sign off on pretrial detention orders, meaning denied bail. You will be held in prison until your trial commences. I’ve watched these judges and prosecutors more than anyone on this side, but nothing will surprise me. And in fact, I’m sure they’re just chomping at the bit right now, waiting to present this information to the grand jury, seeking seditious, conspiracy, indictment, and then, shockingly, seeking to keep Donald Trump in jail, particularly as he is campaigning for President, pretending that he poses a grave security risk to the American people as he’s campaigning and facing these very serious charges.

Jesse Kelly: Truly, this country is going to come apart if that happens, right? Or am I overstating it?

Julie Kelly: I don’t know, Jesse, aside from you and a few other commentators and this is the day, really, will Miss Tucker as well? No one on our side is paying attention to this. No one cares. They think the Proud boys are domestic terrorists and that they deserve what happened to them. Trust me, they did not. This is a horrible travesty for these defendants and especially their family members, but this creates a real slippery slope for the country overall. Will the country fall apart or come apart if Donald Trump is indicted on this? I don’t know. Where are the fighters on our side? We are so outnumbered and so outgunned. It’s just hard for me to predict the reaction when that happens.

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