CNN Gets Absolutely ROASTED on Twitter for Calling Tucker Carlson a ‘Right Wing Extremist’

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After Tucker Carlson announced Tuesday that his show would soon be returning on Twitter, CNN released a report calling Carlson a ‘right wing extremist.’

The report was from Oliver Darcy, who used to work for the Daily Caller and The Blaze, before joining CNN and becoming a voice for the far left.

Tucker Carlson is many things, but a right wing extremist is not one of them.

See the CNN report below:

Tucker Carlson announces plans to relaunch his show on Twitter

Right-wing extremist Tucker Carlson announced Tuesday that he will relaunch his program on Twitter, which he praised as the only remaining large free-speech platform in the world after Fox News fired him late last month.

Carlson made the announcement in a video posted to the social media website, which Elon Musk acquired last year. Twitter has devolved in recent months into a chaotic platform where the traditional press has come under assault from the billionaire.

“Speech is the fundamental pre-requisite for democracy. That’s why it was enshrined in the first of our Constitutional amendments,” Carlson said. “Amazingly, as of tonight, there are not that many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one remaining … is Twitter, where we are now.”

CNN included the wording in their tweet and got roasted on Twitter:

Here are some of the responses:

CNN is just sad.

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