Biden’s America: Armed Federal Agents Protect ‘Privacy’ of Illegal Aliens From Reporters in El Paso, Texas as Title 42 Expires (Video)

Armed federal agents faced off against reporters trying to document illegal alien migrants being boarded onto buses at the El Paso, Texas border with Mexico early Friday morning after Title 42 expired.

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A federal worker in civilian clothes told the reporters they were protecting the “privacy” of the migrants. The feds moved a Border Patrol truck in front of the reporters to block their view. A protester can heard denouncing the Biden administration’s policies.

The Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan posted video of the armed confrontation:

TPUSA’s Savanah Hernandez was also there trying to document the migrants being boarded on buses:

Mission accomplished. Illegal aliens boarded on buses out of sight of pesky reporters.

Drone video by the Daily Signal’s Tim Kennedy captured the armed confrontation and the boarding of the buses.

Meanwhile in Yuma, Arizona, no such restrictions on the press:

While much of the nation sleeps, the post-Title 42 invasion has begun, protected by the Biden administration at gunpoint.

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Source material can be found at this site.

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