Hardware Store Owner Shows Off Patriotism by Having Massive American Flag Mural Painted on Roof

In an age where too much of the dominant political and cultural orthodoxy is telling Americans to hate their own country, it is natural to be pessimistic about the future of the nation.

Fortunately, however, all is not lost, as every now and then we get a reminder that there are still true patriots who love America and what it stands for, and they are not afraid to show it.

One such man is Adam Long, who’s getting national attention for painting a massive American flag on the roof of a hardware store in Indiana.

According to Fox News, the owner of Bear Hardware in Nashville, Indiana, asked Long to paint a large American flag on top of his store.

Originally, it was not supposed to be so big, but when Long saw the roof, he felt like this was an opportunity to go bigger in order to show real pride in the country.

“What if we did something that really … went national?” he told “Fox Friends” on Monday.

So Long got to work, and after 14 days of painting, the 10,000-square-foot piece was completed. It depicts Old Glory waving in the wind, with a soaring bald eagle on the right, and a grizzly bear on the left.

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Long told Fox that he did the project in order to give the people of Nashville (population, about 1,500) something to cherish about their town, about an hour’s drive south of Indianapolis and about 20 miles east of Bloomington.

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“I just wanted to do something that would be seen and would give a lot of pride in Nashville, Indiana,” he said.

He also said that people have really responded to the piece — and the effort that went into making it.

“People recognize the amount of work here, which is always gratifying,” he told “Fox Friends.” “But definitely hearing things from across the country now in appreciation.”

This may just be one hardware store in a small town in middle America, but it speaks volumes about the mindset of the average American.

Our woke overlords want us to think that America is an evil, racist nation that needs to be either radically reformed or destroyed in order to atone for the injustices of the past.

They are intent on erasing the history and accomplishments of Americans in order to accomplish their agenda.

But outside of the small but vocal leftist social circles, the average American still maintains a deep love for the country. There is no desire among ordinary people to destroy the country that they love so much.

Long’s work reminds us that there are still people in America who are willing to defend our nation, our freedoms, and the American way of life — and that there are more of those people than it seems at first.

It is a sight that will inspire pride and patriotism in the hearts of everyone who sees it.

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The people of Nashville, Indiana, can be proud that they are ardent patriots who truly care for their nation and who are not afraid to let everyone know how they feel.

Things may not seem so great right now, but at the end of the day, most Americans love their country, and the country will survive because of them.

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