Bakhmut falls to Russia, Joe Biden escalates toward nuclear war while America burns

Image: Bakhmut falls to Russia, Joe Biden escalates toward nuclear war while America burns
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Over the weekend, Russia completed its military effort to seize control over the city of Bakhmut. Even as the leader of the Wagner group declared victory, announcing total control over the city, the delusional political leaders and military propagandists of western nations pretended that Ukraine still controlled Bakhmut, borrowing a page from transgenderism where a biological man can pretend to be a woman.

In reality, however, men can’t have babies and also men can’t block artillery by wishing it so.

While the delusional West remains steeped in lies, mass mental illness and sheer runaway insanity, Russia’s military bet on kinetic reality and used the laws of physics to achieve a tactical military victory that Western leaders said would never happen.

(When the US military is rooted in reality and military sense, it is amazingly capable and effective. But when it’s run by “woke” policies and delusional political leaders, it fails at everything… as we’ve seen since the day Biden took office…)

Now, a delusional Joe Biden says he wants to inject American-made F-16 fighter jets into the fray, no doubt flown by US military fighter pilots who will inevitably be shot down by Russia’s anti-air systems (which are vastly superior to anything the US currently deploys). This will put American pilots in the hands of the Russian military, giving Russia the direct evidence they need to declare that the United States has entered the war directly.

At that point, Russia may decide to initiate its own “existential threat” posture and start launching nuclear missiles at western targets, including key cities in the United States and across Western Europe.

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This seems to be what the Obiden administration is trying to achieve.

That’s why they don’t really care about the debt ceiling crisis or collapsing US cities. They don’t care that America’s border is wide open, or that the economy is collapsing. They appear to be hoping to make sure America is struck by nuclear weapons and destroyed, so watching the nation burn before that happens is of no consequence to these criminals.

Hear the full details on all this and much more in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, via

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