Is Biden targeting white republicans’ small businesses the same way Stalin targeted the Kulaks during the holodomor? Biden is not only targeting small business truckers, he is also targeting family farms

 Is Biden targeting white republicans’ small businesses the same way Stalin targeted the Kulaks during the holodomor? Biden is not only targeting small business truckers, he is also targeting family farms

By Ezequiel Doiny


On April 17, 2023 Madeline Coggins wrote in Fox Business “The trucking industry is sounding the alarm on consequential ripple effects of the Biden administration’s latest move in the electric vehicle push. While critics have voiced concerns about the EPA’s recent emissions regulations, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), a trade organization that represents small business truckers, warns the restrictions are dangerous and threaten small businesses and the overall U.S. economy.


“It’s been our history with experience with EPA that the regulations that they come up with tend to be… not all that practical when it comes to how they actually will work on the road,” OOIDA President Todd Spencer told Fox News Digital.


Spencer’s fear is the new regulations are being pushed through mandates that have not addressed the side effects or considered additional ramifications such as costs and efficiency.



…On Wednesday, the Biden White House announced aggressive regulations for tailpipe emissions as part of its sweeping climate agenda and efforts to push Americans to buy electric vehicles (EVs).



The tailpipe emissions regulations will impact light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles alike. The new standards for heavy-duty trucks, specifically, aim to reduce carbon emissions for trucks beginning with model year 2027.


…Spencer said, historically, new restrictions from the EPA “significantly increase costs” for equipment and operations. What’s more, they can “undermine reliability” which could be detrimental to the overall supply chain.


…It’s estimated that businesses would have to pay thousands to purchase zero-emission vehicles (ZEV).


Some smaller trucking companies say the new EPA standards could drive them out of the business.


“For a small business, any kind of problem that comes along that can shut you down, that can disable you for anywhere from a few days to maybe even a few weeks, it can put you out of business really, really, really quickly,” Spencer said. “We certainly see the potential for these new proposed rules to have the exact same or maybe even a far worse impact on the operations of small business truckers.”



The restrictions announced Wednesday come on the heels of regulations on nitrogen oxide pollution which raised similar concerns for small business truckers.


Andrew John of the John N John Trucking Company warned that the costs associated with the nitrogen oxide standards could kill many mom-and-pop trucking businesses. “They go out of business,” John said on “Varney & Co” last month. “They go out of business, and we all know how important small businesses are to the economy.”

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John stressed that the standards could cost thousands of dollars per vehicle but that there would also be other costs associated with the new technology, maintenance, and operations that many small businesses can’t afford. The latest emissions rules continue to put pressure on small businesses with little cost incentives or government aid. Spencer feared these rules could put truckers out of business…”


Biden is not only targeting small business truckers, he is also targeting family farms.



On May 20, 2023 the Gateway Pundit reported “John Kerry is targeting family farms. The Biden regime’s climate czar says farms produce too much greenhouse gases. He wants that to stop in order to combat the climate “crisis.” Farms also happen to produce food. Kerry is not worried about that. The global elites are not worried about that.


“Recently, the Netherlands announced they were shutting down family farms to combat global warming. Tough luck if you happen to own one of the farms or work at the farms. This insanity comes at the same time Europe is seeing it highest inflation in decades. The Dutch Government announced they will close up to 3,000 farms to comply with their global warming goals…”


John Kerry and Biden Regime Target Small Farms in Their Ongoing Climate Crusade – They’re Going After the Food Supply


Biden is not only targeting small business truckers, he is also targeting family farms. What do small business truckers and family farms have in common? They are mostly owned by white republicans. It seems to be a strategy to promote marxism, take from part of the population to give to others.



As I wrote in Israelunwired in 2022 “CLIMATE CHANGE” IS A TROJAN HORSE.


“The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” (which Biden is implementing) is Neo Marxism packaged in a way that if you oppose it you either want to destroy the environment or you are a racist. Supporters of the World Economic Forum and sympathizers of the Fabian Society are using the façade of “Climate Change” to subvert democracies worldwide and impose a “Great Reset” to eradicate national frameworks and create globalist, borderless, godless, neo-marxist, multicultural, open societies. The destruction of the centrality of the US dollar in the Global Financial System and the transfer of Economic Power to the IMF is key in the Globalist’s strategy. They are using “Climate Change” as a cover to replace democracy and capitalism with a neo-marxist global tyranny…”

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“Climate Change” is a Trojan Horse


Former Secretary of State John Kerry – Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate declared that “the Biden administration will support the Great Reset and that the Great Reset “will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine…”


John Kerry reveals Biden’s devotion to radical ‘Great Reset’ movement


The Biden Regime claims they embraced the “Great Reset” to fight Climate Change but it will have no actual environmental benefit. On January 21, 2021 the Epoch Times reported “Rejoining the Paris climate agreement as it stands now will have devastating economic consequences for the United States, with little actual environmental benefit, according to experts… “Because there is really no teeth to the Paris climate accord, developing countries are getting a free pass in terms of their emissions…It’s likely that the Paris climate accord is not going to reach its intended goal.”


“…Anthony Watts, senior research fellow of environment and climate at The Heartland Institute, said according to their analysis, the agreement would cost the United States “about 2.7 million jobs by 2025 due to scaling back parts of industries. Now that would have been about 440,000 manufacturing jobs that we would have lost.”


The goal of the “Great Reset” is not to fight climate change, the goal is to destroy the American economy and the centrality of the US Dollar in the Global Financial System, the goal is to transfer power to the IMF (PLEASE READ MY ARTICLE “CLIMATE CHANGE” IS A TROJAN HORSE.” IN THE LINK BELOW)


“Climate Change” is a Trojan Horse



This strategy goes hand in hand with the open border policy following the Cloward- Piven plan to force Marxism in America as explained in the link below.


Biden’s deliberate destruction of the American economy to impose Marxism seems to be inspired in what Stalin did to Ukraine during the holodomor.


The University of Minesota described the holomodor “…By the end of the 1920s, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin consolidated his control over the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Feeling threatened by Ukraine’s strengthening cultural autonomy, Stalin took measures to destroy the Ukrainian peasantry and the Ukrainian intellectual and cultural elites to prevent them from seeking independence for Ukraine.


” To prevent “Ukrainian national counterrevolution,” Stalin initiated mass-scale political repressions through widespread intimidation, arrests, and imprisonment. Thousands of Ukrainian intellectuals, church leaders, and Ukrainian Communist Party functionaries who had supported pro-Ukrainian policies were executed by the Soviet regime. At the same time, Stalin decreed the First Five Year Plan, which included the collectivization of agriculture, effectively ending the NEP.

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” Collectivization gave the Soviet state direct control over Ukraine’s rich agricultural resources and allowed the state to control the supply of grain for export. Grain exports would be used to fund the USSR’s transformation into an industrial power. The majority of rural Ukrainians, who were independent small-scale or subsistence farmers, resisted collectivization. They were forced to surrender their land, livestock and farming tools, and work on government collective farms (kolhosps) as laborers. Historians have recorded about 4,000 local rebellions against collectivization, taxation, terror, and violence by Soviet authorities in the early 1930s.


“The Soviet secret police (GPU) and the Red Army ruthlessly suppressed these protests. Tens of thousands of farmers were arrested for participating in anti-Soviet activities, shot, or deported to labor camps. The wealthy and successful farmers who opposed collectivization were labeled “kulaks” by Soviet propaganda (“kulak” literally means “a fist”). They were declared enemies of the state, to be eliminated as a class.


” The elimination of the so-called “kulaks” was an integral part of collectivization. It served three purposes: as a warning to those who opposed collectivization, as a means to transfer confiscated land to the collective farms, and as a means to eliminate village leadership. Thus, the secret police and the militia brutally stripped “kulaks” not only of their lands but also their homes and personal belongings, systematically deporting them to the far regions of the USSR or executing them. These mass repressions, along with manipulation of state-controlled grain purchases and collectivization through the destruction of Ukrainian rural community life, set the stage for the total terror – a terror by hunger, the Holodomor…


“…In 1932 and 1933, millions of Ukrainians were killed in the Holodomor, a man-made famine engineered by the Soviet government of Joseph Stalin. The primary victims of the Holodomor (literally “death inflicted by starvation”) were rural farmers and villagers, who made up roughly 80 percent of Ukraine’s population in the 1930s. While it is impossible to determine the precise number of victims of the Ukrainian genocide, most estimates by scholars range from roughly 3.5 million to 7 million…”’s%20strengthening,from%20seeking%20independence%20for%20Ukraine.


Is the Biden regime engineering an holodomor?



Ezequiel Doiny is author of “Obama’s assault on Jerusalem’s Western Wall” and “Jerusalem is the Spiritual capital of Judaism while Mecca is the Spiritual Capital of Islam”



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