‘Greater Idaho’ Movement to Make Rural Oregon Counties Part of Idaho is Gaining Traction and Votes

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The ‘Greater Idaho’ movement is gaining steam in Oregon.

People who live in the rural parts of Oregon are tired of having the political direction of their state controlled by far left voters in cities like Portland.

The whole thing is gaining so much support that even the liberal media is starting to take notice.

This report is from NBC News:

Oregon breakaway effort is down to just 8 votes, deepening urban-rural divide

A grassroots movement to redraw Oregon’s border is gaining traction after voters in 11 rural, conservative counties approved measures that would start the process of seceding from the blue state and joining Republican-dominated Idaho.

In Oregon’s Wallowa County, just eight votes separated those who support the Greater Idaho movement from those who oppose last week, the county clerk said. Tuesday is the deadline to resubmit ballots that either did not have signatures or had signatures that did not match county records.

“Our way of life here is based on agriculture, forestry, timber — it’s a resource-based economy, and it feels like that side over there treats us like their playground,” Wallowa resident Garrett Mahon said, referring to the western part of the state, where more voters are registered Democrats.

He said that if Multnomah County, home to Portland, “votes one way, it vetoes the rest of the state.”

It is the second time voters in the small county of Wallowa, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and glistening rivers, have weighed in on the issue. In 2020, residents struck down the idea of joining Idaho by 46 votes. This year, it is winning by just eight ballots.

The establishment does not want this to happen, so the movement is already being targeted.

The left knows this would set a disastrous precedent for them, so it must be stopped.

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If it works, conservatives in other parts of the country will try to do the same thing.

Source material can be found at this site.

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