“You’re a Liar and a Fraud! You’re the One Who Should Be in Jail, Comey!” – James Comey Confronted AGAIN at Book Signing – Two Days After Laura Loomer Confrontation — VIDEO

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On Monday night independent journalist and former congressional candidate Laura Loomer confronted disgraced former FBI director James Comey at his book signing event in Chicago.

The confrontation led to Comey leaving the stage and Loomer being briefly detained by law enforcement.

Loomer confronted Comey, who was fired as FBI Chief, after it was proven in the Durham Report that the FBI illegally ran an attempted coup against candidate and President Donald Trump based on evidence they knew was false and that came from the Hillary Campaign.

“Last night I confronted the Criminal former FBI Director James Comey about the #DurhamReport findings at Comey’s book signing/book tour for his new crime novel,” Loomer tweeted with the video. “I asked Comey why a criminal like himself is now writing crime novels and when he plans on writing a crime book about himself.”

Loomer interrupted the event by standing up and saying, “I think we all know, James Comey, that you’re a great storyteller because you made up the whole story about Crossfire Hurricane.”

Comey did not know how to react, due to years of being coddled by legacy media elites, and fled the stage.

This was not an isolated event.
On Wednesday, just two days later, reporters from Liberty Broadcast confronted James Comey at his Austin, Texas book event. Comey did not know what to do. The criminal FBI Director sat there smiling.

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This was SOOOO Good!

Crooked Comey will be in Seattle and California in the coming days.

Source material can be found at this site.

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