The Leftist Knives Are Already Coming Out for Potential Democrat Spoiler Cornel West

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That was fast.

Cornel West announced his run for president just days ago, but the left is already gunning for him because he represents a threat to the Democrats. Kellyanne Conway recently pointed out that West’s candidacy could decide the presidency, like Ross Perot did in 1992.

The left knows this, and therefore West must be destroyed.

MSNBC declares that Cornel West, a black Marxist, is running a campaign that has “right wing DNA” if you can believe it:

Cornel West’s ‘leftist’ presidential bid has right-wing DNA

Ostensibly leftist academic Cornel West launched his third-party presidential campaign the way any true progressive would — by promoting it on a podcast known to spread right-wing extremist conspiracy theories, hosted on a video platform popular among right-wing extremists, just weeks after having praised Florida’s right-wing extremist governor, Ron DeSantis…

West chose to promote his campaign with an appearance Monday on a web show hosted by Russell Brand, a comic who’s known for spreading right-wing conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Russell Brand is a socialist, but whatever.

The left wing rag The Nation is also slamming West:

Cornel West Should Not Be Running for President

This is a great country. Anyone can run for president.

That said, Cornel West has no business running for president, from the left, right, or center.

I loved early Democratic Socialists of America leader Cornel West. I loved author of the 1993 book Race Matters West. I loved everything about West until he supported spoiler Ralph Nader against then–Vice President Al Gore in 2000.

A lot of my political friends supported Ralph Nader back then. And a lot of them have since apologized. Even Michael Moore. The Iraqi people, and the people of the entire globe, are so much the worse since Gore, the climate-change believer and war skeptic, was defeated by George W. Bush that year, with an assist from the Supreme Court. And Nader’s Green Party.

Democrats have spent the last several years claiming to be the nation’s defenders of democracy.

It’s all a lie.

Their objections to Cornel West prove it beyond a doubt.

Source material can be found at this site.

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