Donald Trump Jr. Slams Corrupt DOJ Over Indictment: ‘There’s Two Levels of Justice’ (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Newsmax on Tuesday to react to the ongoing witch hunt of his father by partisan actors in Washington.

He called out the Department of Justice as corrupt and pointed out that there are two levels of justice, one for powerful Democrats and another for everyone else.

Anyone who has been paying attention for the last several years knows this is true.

Newsmax reports:

Donald Trump Jr. to Newsmax: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Exposed Corrupt DOJ

Donald Trump Jr. told Newsmax that “Trump derangement syndrome” within the Department of Justice has exposed it as a sham while it targets the former president.

Joining “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” on Tuesday, Donald Trump’s eldest son slammed the special counsel probe headed by John L. Smith that led to his father being indicted on 37 charges related to harboring sensitive government files.

“There’s two levels of justice: there’s one for powerful Democrats, and there’s one for everyone else,” Trump Jr. emphasized, noting that President Joe Biden’s similar documents scandal has not yet produced charges.

“I think the American people are now seeing that,” he continued. “They’re seeing just how insane all of this actually is. They’re seeing just how far the Democrats will go to pursue their political enemies, and it’s outrageous.”…

“The problem is it’s very hard for anyone to have any faith in these institutions that we once believed in, perhaps falsely, because I imagine this has been going on a lot longer than Trump,” he proposed. “But Trump derangement syndrome has brought it out.”

Watch the video below:

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For years, Democrats claimed that Trump would destroy our cherished norms and institutions.

Meanwhile, that is exactly what Democrats and their media allies have done. Millions of Americans have lost faith in the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA and on and on. Why? Because Democrats and the media have misused them as political weapons.

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