MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson Takes the Gloves Off in Episode 4 : Joe Biden, the Wannabe Dictator

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Tucker Carlson took the glove off in episode 4 of his Twitter show dubbed “Wannabe Dictator” – referring to Joe Biden after he had his main political rival arrested this week.

Joe Biden on Tuesday had his main political opponent arrested.

Trump was arraigned on 37 charges at a federal courthouse in Miami.

The former president was booked and fingerprinted after Joe Biden sent his DOJ prosecutors to take out his main political rival.

Fox News Tuesday evening slammed Joe Biden while airing Trump’s Bedminster speech as a “wannabe dictator.”

“Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.” – the Fox News chyron read.

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Fox News immediately took down the chyron and apologized for criticizing the dictator they helped install after they called Arizona for Joe Biden before the polls closed on election night in 2020.

Tucker Carlson brilliantly illustrated why Joe Biden is indeed a “Wannabe Dictator.”


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