Geraldo Rivera Quits Fox News’ Most Popular TV Show and Whines Afterward

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This is certainly news no one should be upset over: arguably the most despicable member on Fox News is no longer part of it’s most popular show.

Geraldo Rivera announced on Twitter this morning he was leaving “The Five.” He said he was the “odd man out.”

The last scheduled appearance for Rivera will come on June 30. He says he still remains the Correspondent at Large, for now.

We should have all seen this day coming. Last month, Cristina Laila reported Rivera’s appearances on Fox News were abruptly cancelled for a temporary period.

Rivera later gave an interview with the Associated Press (AP) claiming that it was his decision to leave “The Five” but Fox News “didn’t race after me to say, ‘Geraldo, please come back.’”

He whined that the “tension” on the show just did not make it worthwhile anymore.

There has been a growing tension that goes beyond editorial differences and personal annoyances and gripes. It’s not worth it to me.

I’m 80 years old. I don’t want the friction. “The Five” is too intimate a place and it gets too personal.

One could say this is code for: “I was tired of Greg Gutfeld destroying me every time I made an ignorant statement or acted snobby.”

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Rivera also strongly suggested during the interview that he will be leaving Fox News altogether once his contract expires in January 2025.

The only bad news regarding this development is he will no longer serve as Gutfeld’s punching bag. Although it is safe to say America’ most popular late night host is not upset over the news.

America, for its part, is rejoicing:

One user also made an interesting point: Fox News would be in far better shape had they canned Rivera instead of Tucker.

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