Business Expense: Hunter Biden Deducted Payments to High-End Prostitutes and Sex Clubs from His Taxes

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A recently released report by the House Ways and Means Committee details how Hunter Biden illegally deducted payments to prostitutes and sex clubs from his annual taxes.

Hunter allegedly underreported his taxes by $500,000 or half a million dollars.

On page 103 of the report Hunter was deducting his payments to a high-end prostitute from his 2018 taxes.

He called the prostitute his “West Coast assistant.”

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The New York Post reported:

Hunter Biden illegally deducted tens of thousands of dollars in payments made to a prostitute and a sex club from his taxes, according to bombshell IRS whistleblower testimony to Congress released on Thursday.

In a June 1 interview with the House Ways and Means Committee, one whistleblower, an unnamed IRS criminal investigator, detailed how Hunter went to great lengths to underreport his income and avoid paying $106,000 in taxes – including by writing off his sex escapades as business expenses.

“So some of the items that he deducted were personal no-show employees. He deducted payments that were made to who he called his West Coast assistant, but she was essentially a prostitute,” the whistleblower, who worked on the agency’s investigation into alleged tax fraud perpetrated by President Biden’s son on his 2018 return, alleged in his testimony.

Another whistleblower, IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley, told the committee on May 26 that he found several instances of Hunter improperly expensing flights for prostitutes.

Source material can be found at this site.

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