CNN’s Van Jones Has Meltdown Over SCOTUS Rulings, Claims Trump Appointed Justices Are ‘Remaking America’ (VIDEO)

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CNN’s Van Jones reacted to the new rulings from SCOTUS on Firday and he is not happy about it.

He claimed that the Trump appointed justices on the court are remaking America. He sounds completely conspiratorial as he claims that this was an operation that had been in the works for decades.

The funniest thing is that his CNN colleagues look absolutely destroyed as a result of these decisions. The atmosphere in the studio is like a funeral.

Real Clear Politics provides a transcript:

VAN JONES: This is a tragedy, if you care about inclusion and equal opportunity and care about folks who don’t have much, and trying to make it today, it is a tragedy. It is a tragedy that is a result of a strategy, and this is what we forget. This is a deliberate effort on the part of conservatives to hijack the courts and use them to do what is happening today. The Federalist Society was organizing on the campuses, getting the law students together in the ’80s and the ’90s. Mitch McConnell focused like a laser on stacking the courts and blocking Obama, and you have three Trump appointees, three, remaking America as they will.

All of the things that I taught in law school are out of the door. You used to have to have standing. “I’m concerned about the law and I wanted the Supreme Court to tell me I’m right,” but that is what just happened with the LGBTQ rights. Literally, this woman had not been sued by anybody, and she had no reason to be in court at all. Standing used to be important, and that is out of the window. Precedent, and earlier decisions used to matter, and it is out of the window. And the Supreme Court used to narrowly decide, what is the most narrow approach to decide an issue, and nope. We will entertain any theory we can to go after certain groups.

This is a legitimacy crisis brought on by a conservative movement that saw it was losing public opinion to a more inclusive generation. And so now they are using Supreme Court to slam shut the door of opportunity for generations of Americans, and it is shocking.

Watch the video below:

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A bad day for CNN is a great day for America.

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