Obama’s Corrupt AG Eric Holder to Joe Biden: No Trump Pardon Unless He Shows Remorse and Turns His Life Around (VIDEO)

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Obama’s corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder weighed in on a possible Trump pardon if he is convicted of federal crimes.

Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked Eric Holder about a possible Trump pardon.

Biden had his main political opponent recently arrested and charged with federal crimes.

Margaret Brennan asked Eric Holder, who was previously held in criminal contempt of Congress for failure to turn over documents related to his Fast and Furious scandal if he would counsel the next president to consider a pardon of Trump.

“Before I let you go, I want to ask you to put on your attorney general hat again. Would you counsel President Biden, or the next president, whoever that is, to consider a pardon of the 45th president of the United States, either before or after a theoretical conviction,” Margaret Brennan asked Eric Holder.

“I think I’d look — tell the president, the next attorney general, you know, to let the – let the system do its work, try the cases, see what the results are, and then treat that convicted president or anybody else who is convicted as any other person would be treated,” Holder said.

“Pardons generally are for people who express remorse and then who have done things that show that they have turned their lives around. If those kinds of determinations can be made with regard to the former president or anybody else who is convicted, yeah, I would support that. In the absence of something like that, I don’t think that would be a wise thing to do,” Holder said.

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