HUGE: Biden officials ordered by federal judge to STOP contacting social media companies and demanding censorship of speech

The biggest criminals in Washington, D.C., right now are prohibited from communicating with social media companies after a federal judge issued an injunction against numerous Biden regime officials and their respective agencies.

The injunction came about in response to a lawsuit filed by two Republican attorneys who “produced evidence of a massive effort by Defendants, from the White House to federal agencies, to suppress speech based on its content,” according to U.S. Judge Terry A. Doughty.

One of the Republican attorneys, Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-Mo.), who filed the suit while still serving as Missouri’s attorney general, called the injunction a “big win for the First Amendment on this Independence Day,” since the ruling came just in time for July 4.

“White House officials, CDC others are stopped cold,” Schmitt said in a statement. “We need to continue the fight to take down the Vast Censorship Enterprise. Their view of ‘misinformation’ isn’t an excuse to censor. This is the most important free speech case in a generation. Freedom is on the march.”

Schmitt tweeted an image of part of his case against the Biden regime, which you can view below:

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Even if “misinformation” was spreading online, it is NEVER the government’s rightful duty to try to silence it

The impetus behind the suit involves the Biden regime’s mishandling of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” which it used as an excuse to stamp out Americans’ First Amendment rights under the guise of stopping the spread of “misinformation.”

Even if so-called misinformation really was being spread – which it was not, just to be clear – it is still well beyond the scope of the federal government’s jurisdiction to interfere via the private sector to censor free speech, even if said speech is done online.

“White House officials, CDC others are stopped cold,” Schmitt celebrated about the injunction, which marks a turning point in the fight against Biden’s Censorship Industrial Complex. “We need to continue to fight to take down the Vast Censorship Enterprise.”

“Their view of ‘misinformation’ isn’t an excuse to censor. This is the most important free speech case in a generation … Freedom is on the march.”

The other plaintiff in the suit is none other than Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, also a Republican. Landry has been working hand-in-hand with Schmitt to bring justice to the illicit Biden regime, which has violated so many provisions of the Constitution since its installation that it is difficult to keep an accurate count.

According to Landry and Schmitt, the Biden regime’s censorship actions are “the most egregious violations of the First Amendment in the history of the United States of America” – this is how seriously they view the matter.

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The judge who delivered the injunction, an appointee of President Donald Trump, did allow for a few exceptions, including communication with social media companies pertaining to actual “criminal activity or criminal conspiracies,” as well as that involving “national security threats, extortion, or other threats.”

Notably, the Biden regime is also still allowed to communicate with Silicon Valley about crimes related to U.S. elections, such as when Biden and his cronies stole the 2020 presidential election from Trump.

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