A Collection of Biden’s Oddest WH Habits – One Includes Subjecting Harris to a Weekly Slideshow

President Joe Biden has brought his share of odd habits to the White House.

Presidential staff have noticed the 81-year-old executive’s tendency towards eccentric personal behaviors in the two-and-a-half years since his inauguration.

Some of these habits have made it through to the media, in spite of the Biden White House’s tendency to eschew compromising leaks.

“If you squint really hard and comb through every article written on life in the White House since January 2021, it emerges that Joe Biden does have a few entertainingly odd habits,” New York Magazine’s Margaret Hartmann says of Biden’s peculiarities.

The president has a tendency to subject Vice President Kamala Harris to slide-show displays of his own official duties during their weekly lunches, according to Hartmann’s profile.

Curiously, these aren’t focused on key policy matters, but rather photos of official appearances and foreign visits.

Biden has eaten lunch with Harris less frequently than he did at the start of his tenure — a possible sign of estrangement with the workplace-challenged vice president, or the result of Biden’s preference for a “nightmarish twist” of photo slides during the meetings.

Biden often subjects White House staff to Situation Room meetings that last for hours, according to a 2021 report by The New York Times.

“You become so hyperprepared,” former Biden speechwriter Dylan Loewe said of the briefings.

“I’ve got to answer every conceivable question he can come up with.”

Staffers and government officials are expected to discuss policy matters for hours in a manner that can leave the bureaucrats tired.

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Biden has proven himself privy to caving on decisions that take months to make; changing his mind following a 2021 decision not to raise refugee admissions at the behest of open borders activists.

The extent to which the president retains the obscure information is less clear.

Biden once became frustrated during a 2021 meeting on illegal immigration in which it became clear that none of his policy aides had traveled to the border directly, according to the Times.

Biden will hang up the phone during conversations which he’s lost patience for, according to New York Magazine.

He’s at times used a school-style lunch box to bring food to the executive offices.

Although, the executive has surprised White House employees with sudden and unexpected visits to their workplaces.

Biden was slated to break the modern presidential record for taking the most vacation time away from the White House in mid 2022 — usually jetting to his home in Delaware.

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