THE FIX IS IN: Joe Biden Has No Campaign Headquarters, Has No Plans to Hold Campaign Events, Is Not Spending Campaign Money, and Democrats Aren’t Worried

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The fix is in for 2024.
Democrats will use the same gameplan they used in 2020. Nominate an unpopular candidate, campaign from the basement, hold few rallies with 20-30 people, mail out millions of ballots, insert drop boxes, use voting machines, late night ballot deliveries after the deadline, keep adding votes to the totals for days after the election, block GOP workers from the counting rooms, and several states use systems that store data in China

and Democrats can pull off tricks like this…switching ballots.

And then keep counting ballots in the swing states until Joe Biden takes the lead and then declare victory.

Joe Biden is the worst president in US history. The economy sucks, inflation is skyrocketing, the border is wide open, his family runs an international crime ring, the White House has cocaine, he sniffs kids and babies, he can’t finish a sentence, he’s shipping illegal cluster bombs to kill more people in Ukraine, he surrendered to the Taliban and lost US soldiers at the same time.
Politico reported:

Joe Biden is running his reelection bid on the cheap.

The president has hired fewer than 20 campaign aides. His team hasn’t yet announced a 2024 headquarters. His first political rally this year was paid for by other organizations.

In an interview with POLITICO, Biden campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg said the frugality is no accident. And it isn’t going to change anytime soon, either.

“Right now, we have a fine-tuned race car here. At some point, we will build out a big, substantial, competitive organization and enterprise,” he said. “We don’t need to do that today. It literally would be a waste of money.”

Biden’s approach, while designed to save money, carries the risk of keeping his approval ratings at the low level where they are today. It also could limit his ability to better define the contours of the campaign at a time when the Republican field is bludgeoning each other in their own primary. Twelve years ago, his former boss, Barack Obama, moved swiftly in anticipation of facing off against Mitt Romney during the summer before the election year.

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