“We Need Donald Trump in Office, Forever” – Top Rapper Kodak Black Endorses Donald J. Trump for President (VIDEO)

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Rapper Kodak Black endorsed Donald Trump for President in 2024.

Kodak Black is one of the top rappers in the world today.

Kodak Black says, “We need Donald Trump in office, forever!”

It may have something to do with the two-tiered justice system under Joe Biden that punished minorities and Trump supporters but gives top Democrats and lawless government officials a pass.

News broke in June that Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to multiple criminal charges, according to CNN. The investigation into Hunter Biden has supposedly lasted five years.

After five years of investigation, the Biden DOJ found Hunter Biden guilty of TWO MISDEMEANORS and ONE GUN CHARGE!

Of course, this is a complete bastardization of the US Justice System. The serial criminal is slapped with misdemeanors after we know he was using classified documents leaked to him by his father to set up lucrative deals with foreign officials.

Hunter will serve NO TIME in prison for his latest criminal actions.

The same DOJ sent rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black to prison for years on gun charges. Both rappers were granted a pardon by President Donald Trump.

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Bradford Cohen, a seasoned attorney, and representative of renowned rapper Kodak Black, expressed his discontent over the Justice Department’s decision concerning Hunter Biden’s case.

Hunter managed to escape potential imprisonment by pleading guilty to federal tax and firearms charges, a move that Cohen finds deeply problematic.

Contrasting Hunter Biden’s case, Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, faced similar charges in 2019.

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According to New York Post, the Grammy-nominated artist was found guilty of providing false information on a federal gun purchase form to procure three firearms from a shop in Miami. Given his criminal record, Black was not eligible to buy these weapons.

Despite pleading guilty, Black was handed a sentence exceeding three years in federal prison.

“2 tiers of justice? Kodak was charged for the same crime. Got over 3 years,” Cohen wrote on his Instagram Tuesday.

“Mr. Biden will not serve a day. Feels right? Do FBI agents and federal authorities take cases personally? I’m going to discuss this on my subscriber page,” he added.

In a Twitter post, Cohen said that in all his years working in the criminal justice system, he has never had a client get out of jail time after pleading guilty to charges like unlawful gun possession or tax evasion.

“After 26 years, I have yet to have a plea in a case with an illegal possession of a weapon and tax evasion, that did not come with some kind of prison sentence. Indigents charged the same way would be getting jail time,” he wrote.

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“Even in the case of paying off coaches to get their kids into college came with a prison sentence. One even got 2 weeks, even though she was scoring no jail time. The system was so petty that they made her surrender to a federal prison for 2 weeks! But in this case nothing,” he added.

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