More on Dirty Chris Wray: FBI Chief Used Agent Brian Auten to Investigate Mar-a-Lago After He Suppressed Hunter Laptop Info and Participated in Crossfire Hurricane Attempted Coup of President Trump (Video)

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Rep. Chip Roy grills Chris Wray on crooked Agent Brian Auten.

On Wednesday, dirty FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee. During his testimony Chris Wray dodged, diflected, and lied about his actions and the actions of his corrupted law enforcement agency.

At one point, Rep. Chip Roy grilled Chris Wray on Agent Brian Auten. Agent Auten participated in the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane attempted coup of President Trump. Auten also buried the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and participate in the FBI raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

Brian Auten still has a job. Chris Wray values crooks like Auten and continues to give him the top cases so that Auten can destroy the justice system in America today.

Chris Wray should be impeached and indicted.

Via Kanekoa the Great:

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX): “The FBI conducted an internal investigation of Brian Auten and then sought to suspend him but Auten appealed.

Nevertheless, in 2020, after Senators Grassley and Johnson highlighted evidence of potential financial crimes and corruption against the Biden family, the FBI assigned Auten to compile an assessment, which was used to characterize the Biden revelations as Russian disinformation.

The evidence Grassley and Johnson had collected was mostly financial records and could easily have been corroborated as authentic.

And by then, the FBI had the Hunter laptop in its possession for over a year, so it knew the lucrative payments to the Bidens from corrupt anti-American regimes were authentic.

How on earth did the FBI empower an agent under investigation for potentially corrupt performance and abuse of FISA in one politically fraught investigation, a Democrat operative-driven case against President Trump, to play a key role to undermine a second politically fraught investigation, a case against the Bidens?

How is that possible? How can you allow that to occur in the FBI? – How does that occur?”

Chris Wray: ‘I can’t at the moment discuss a pending personnel matter. I can tell you that every employee who in anyway touched the Crossfire Hurricane matter has been referred to our office of professional responsibility.

Rep. Chip Roy: Are you concerned about this activity by the FBI and what was communicated to the FISA Court? Does that concern you as the Director of the FBI?

Chris Wray: I consider the conduct that was described in the Durham Report as totally reprehensible and unrepresentable of what I see from the FBI everyday.

Source material can be found at this site.

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