Trump Mocks Joe Biden Over Disastrous Performance at NATO Summit (VIDEO)

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President Trump spoke at the Turning Point Action Conference on Saturday night in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The crowd went wild as soon as Trump took the stage.

Trump touted his historic accomplishments.

“We built the greatest economy ever in the history of the world. China was going to catch us for 20 years – 2018 China was going to overtake us…we were so far ahead of them they never had a chance and if we had a smart president they would never be able to take us,” Trump said.

“In the Biden economy, one-third of GenZ and Millennials have no savings accounts, and no savings whatsoever,” Trump said. “They have nothing. They have nothing.”

Trump slammed Joe Biden as a corrupt incompetent man.

“Biden is the most corrupt president in the history of the country by far,” Trump said.

Then he mocked Biden over his disastrous performance at the NATO Summit in Europe earlier this week.

Biden was a mumbling mess on the world stage.

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Trump made fun of Joe Biden.


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