Dirty Cop Peter Strzok Who Was Fired for Being Biased, Corrupt and Banging his Biased Cohort Says There Is No Bias in FBI (VIDEO)

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There’s something wrong with Peter Strzok.

Fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who helped run a coup against the former US President based on information he knew was bogus and came from Hillary Clinton’s campaign, says there is no bias in the FBI.

Peter Strzok was fired for his bias and corrupt acts.

He was having an affair with his co-worker and fellow Trump-hater Lisa Page at the time.

MSNBC Hack: Give me a sense of what the real impact is inside the agency as it is facing allegations of bias.

Dirty Cop Peter Strzok: Well, I think, again, it is important to have the truth out in front of the American people. It is important to rebut these false claims when they’re made. And I think, you know, Congressman Lew got it exactly right. If you look at former President Trump, if you look at all the people around him who have been convicted, who are now current convicted felons, everybody from Paul Manafort to Michael Cohen to George Papadopoulos to Michael Flynn, and on and on and on. The fact of the matter is all of these people engaged in crime and were convicted. And that’s not even getting to the people who are currently under investigation. The people who are currently under indictment. The fact of the matter, you know, Director Wray is anything but a liberal. He is a Republican placed in the job by former President Trump, a member of the Federalist Society. He is hardly anyone that somebody could try and say know, a deep state Democrat trying to undo the goals of the Trump candidacy for the presidency. So it is again important that all of these false claims are being directly rebutted.

The FBI is beyond repair.

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