BIDEN CRIME FAMILY CAUGHT! – IRS Whistleblower – Gay, Democrat, Joseph Ziegler – Confirms that Biden Family Received Approximately $17 Million in Payments from China, Romania and Other Countries (VIDEO)

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IRS Whistleblower Joseph Ziegler testified to Congress on BIden Crime Family corruption on July 19, 2023. (photo from friend of TGP)

Courageous IRS Whistleblower – Gay, Democrat, IRS official Joseph Ziegler – told Congress on Wednesday that the Biden Family received approximately $17 Million in payments from China, Romania and other countries.

The House Oversight Committee led by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) held a hearing with IRS whistleblowers on Wednesday.

At least two IRS whistleblowers have come forward to reveal Hunter Biden received preferential treatment throughout the mop-up operation disguised as an investigation.

The anonymous whistleblower, identified as Joseph Ziegler, finally came forward publicly on Wednesday: “Today, I sit here before you, not as a hero or a victim, but as a whistleblower compelled to disclose the truth.

Ziegler testified that Ukrainian Burisma energy company paid the Biden family over $7.3 million!

The total was $17 million from foreign countries.

From the hearing:

Rep. James Comer: How much money did Hunter Biden and his business associates receive from the Ukrainian company Burisma , paid to everyone involved?

Joseph Ziegler: 6.5 million.

Rep. James Comer: Burisma also paid Blue Star Strategies and a law firm hundreds of thousands of dollars, bringing the total Barisma payments to over $7 million. Is that correct?

Joseph Ziegler: That is correct. 7.3 million.

Rep. James Comer: 7.3 million. Between 2014 and 2019, this brings the total amount of foreign income streams received to approximately $17 million, correct?

Joseph Ziegler: That is correct.

The Biden Crime Family just got caught.

Source material can be found at this site.

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