MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr. to Discuss Today’s Weaponization Hearing, Government Censorship and Silencing of American Voices on Friday Twitter Space Hosted by Eric Bolling, With Guests Jim Hoft, Joe Hoft and the Bollingers at 3:00 pm Eastern

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Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will join several popular conservatives on a Twitter Space Friday, July 21, at 3 pm Eastern Time.

The Twitter Space will be hosted by Newsmax host Eric Bolling alongside the well-known twin brother duo radio host Joe Hoft and Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit founder. Also joining the conversation will be Ty and Charline Bollinger, the couple behind the alternative medicine docuseries “The Truth About Cancer” and “The Truth About Vaccines.”

Robert will discuss the explosive hearing held today on censorship in Washington DC with the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

Earlier this year, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, Ty and Charline Bollinger joined others in an antitrust lawsuit against legacy media for efforts to exclude rivals from internet platforms.

World-renowned attorney Kennedy joined trusted online news sources, medical professionals, independent journalists and media outlets to address collusion among behemoth media conglomerates to silence smaller publishing competitors in violation of antitrust and free speech laws.

The lawsuit was refiled in Louisiana in June.

Kennedy Jr. has been making headlines recently following a Congressional hearing on censorship Thursday. Despite being an invited speaker, House Democrats attempted to censor Kennedy Jr.’s speech, causing a public outcry over infringements of free speech rights. The attempt was ultimately thwarted due to cross-party support for a motion to table the censoring action.

As the discussion on censorship continues to heat up across the nation, this Twitter Space event promises to provide insights into RFK Jr.’s experiences, as well as the perspectives of other influential figures who have had their own encounters with censorship, particularly The Gateway Pundit.

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To join the conversation, tune into Twitter Space on July 21 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Click here.

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