Texan Influencer Provides Services to Ukrainian Soldiers as ‘Emotional Support Stripper’

Influencer and Texan beauty queen Fan-Pei Koung provides a unique service to Ukraine’s war-ridden community. She’s making waves and breaking the conventional volunteering models by presenting herself as an “emotional support stripper.”

Fan-Pei Koung, a 33-year-old Instagram influencer from Houston, Texas, previously a pageant star and a NASA Space Health Challenge winner, has turned her life towards a less-expected path.

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Fan-Pei Koung (Source: @modeltechie/Instagram)

Koung, who identifies herself as a “sex tourist,” had an unexpected journey from a Texas influencer to becoming the Kharkiv girlfriend for Ukraine’s soldiers.

She used her OnlyFans account to offer relief of an unexpected sort. Her content is freely accessible for Ukrainian soldiers, local volunteers, and a selection of civilians who, in Koung’s view, are in need of a morale boost.

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Fan-Pei Koung (Source: @modeltechie/Instagram)

Daily Beast reported:

Koung has used her social media presence to create an OnlyFans account that is free for Ukrainian soldiers, volunteers, and the occasional local civilian who she thinks could use some cheering up.

On the site, she refers to herself as a “globe-trotting girlfriend, now volunteering in Kharkiv.” She added that she makes content about “everything from free emotional breastfeeding to soldiers and volunteers,” to collecting donations to distribute to volunteers.

The OnlyFans model had her hair pulled back in a messy bun and glasses when she met with The Daily Beast in late July at her apartment in Kharkhiv. “I’m the sexy girl in Ukraine who wants to volunteer, and will probably put out,” she said.

When Koung visited Ukraine for the first time in November 2022, romantic relationships were not at the center of her mind. She had decided to volunteer in women’s shelters and orphanages in Lviv, the western city in Ukraine that has been deemed a “haven” throughout the war.

Far away from the eastern front, the city has been spared some of the most brutal attacks of the war. Koung had recently moved to Europe, where she believed she could make a new start in her life, far away from all her problems in America. She met a family of Ukrainians in Croatia, who spoke with her about Russia’s invasion and encouraged her to volunteer inside the country.

In February 2023, one year into the ongoing conflict, Koung committed to moving full-time to Ukraine. She took up residence in Kyiv, the capital city, dedicating her life to volunteering and living among the Ukrainian people. With time, she found herself increasingly enjoying the company of Ukrainians.

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Reflecting on her romantic experiences in America, Koung said, “My standards are too high because I only want men who can care for themselves and think about people other than themselves. None of them [Americans] met my standards. And then I came to Ukraine, and everybody here thinks about people other than themselves.”

“Ukrainian men, they treat me like an infant. They need to know what I want even before I know what I want. I’ve never been treated like that in my life,” Koung added.

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