Fetterman Short-Circuits During Interview with New York Times: “Hungry. Hanger. Hangry. Hanger. Hangry.”

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Brain-damaged Democrat Senator John Fetterman (PA) short-circuited during an interview with the New York Times this week.

Fetterman, 53, spent two months at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center receiving treatment for clinical depression this year after having a massive stroke last May.

John Fetterman has brain damage and can barely string a sentence together.

The New York Times asked Fetterman how he has adjusted to life as a senator.

“Everyone here is cynical, of course. But we can fight for things that are meaningful. That we should have no hungry. Hanger. Hangry. Hanger. Hangry,” Fetterman said.

“Fox News will go crazy if that makes your story,” Fetterman said.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Fetterman’s recent public appearance with Joe Biden shocked the public.

Last month Fetterman spoke complete gibberish as he introduced Joe Biden during a briefing on the I-95 repair efforts.

Senator John Fetterman was dressed like a slob as he joined Joe Biden at a press briefing on the reconstruction efforts.

“[Biden] is here to commit to work with the governor and the delegadation to make sure that we get this fixed quick, fast, as well, too. This is a president that is committed to infructure, yeah, and then on top of that the jewel kind of a law of the infration.”

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