CDC to start pushing ANNUAL mRNA COVID “vaccine” injections to accelerate depopulation

Showing no remorse for the damage inflicted by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, the new director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Dr. Mandy Cohen – is already pushing for ANNUAL mRNA jabs.

This is the “science” of vaccination on full display. These jabs are going to be required every year because they NEVER stopped the transmission of a virus; they do NOT provide adequate immunization; and they do NOT prevent infection or severe disease. Just like the flu shot, the COVID jab will become an annual boon for vaccine companies looking to profit from the fear, ignorance, and suffering that has overtaken the population.

The destruction of scientific integrity under Operation Warp Speed and the annihilation of medical ethics during Biden’s vaccine mandates has yet to be resolved. All the young adults suffering from heart inflammation and sudden cardiac arrest are human sacrifices for a “safe and effective” vaccine narrative that continues to persist without consequence or recourse. The corrupt CDC continues to operate, even after working with Big Tech to suppress the truth.

New CDC director continues to push genetic weaponry and endless vaccine updates onto the population

When Spectrum News questioned CDC Director Mandy Cohen about annual COVID jabs, she responded: “We’re just on the precipice of that, so I don’t want to get ahead of where our scientists are here and doing that evaluation work, but yes, we anticipate that COVID will become similar to flu shots, where it is going to be you get your annual flu shot and you get your annual COVID shot.”

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The CDC’s official guidance on this issue is expected to arrive in early or mid-September. The CDC refuses to address the historic increase in vaccine injury over the past three years, and does not recognize the dangers of synthetic mRNA, lipid nanoparticles, the transcription of biological weapons in human cells, or the subversion of the innate immune system. The immunological damage caused by subsequent vaccines and boosters is ignored.

The Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel on vaccines and related biological products has already ruled that an annual COVID jab will be needed for people to function in society. The FDA also recommends two annual boosters for young children, older adults, and those with compromised immune systems.

Cohen previously worked for the Department of Health and Human Services in North Carolina. During the COVID-19 scandal, she routinely addressed the community on the safety and effectiveness of face masks, social distancing, and vaccines. Today, she’s amplifying that same broken message at the CDC, as if this tired worn-out message will restore the public’s trust in the beleaguered agency. Back in March 2023, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health conducted a survey to understand if Americans still trust the CDC with their health. Approximately a quarter of all Americans have little-to-no trust in the agency, and most Americans are now ignoring the agency’s advice, especially when it comes to new boosters.

Cohen is most concerned with Americans’ newfound disregard for vaccines. “I’m very worried about parents not vaccinating kids,” she said.

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Both the FDA and CDC continue to push biological terror and genetic weaponry onto the population for infections that can be effectively treated and overcome. Still, the new CDC director believes that the CDC is protecting the United States and the rest of the world with their ever-increasing untested vaccine schedule for children and adults. “Just like we have a military to protect us here and around the world, we need a CDC that can protect us. We can’t see those cuts and have the national security assets we need here at the CDC.”

For more on the contentious vaccine issue and the gross misconduct of federal agencies, check out VaccineDamage.News.

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