America’s globalist leaders are psychologically programming the public for World War III, nuclear Armageddon and climate LOCKDOWNS

The world is being prepped by the globalists for some very soon, and very extreme, changes to the global economic order.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about a “nuclear armageddon” and another round of lockdowns, this time to fight climate change and global warming. The daughter of Klaus Schwab, Nicole Schwab, has been pushing the idea of “climate lockdowns” for some time now, and many others are calling on fake president Joe Biden to implement the same.

It also appears as though the government is unleashing bio-weaponized ticks to make people allergic to meat so that they eat bugs instead.

If enough people start to catch on and organize to fight back against the tyranny, the globalists are ready and waiting with a “Plan B,” of sorts, that involves going scorched earth and burning the entire thing to the ground.

It is almost expected that scorched earth will win out in the end now that everyone is talking about the Biden Crime Family and the collusion and corruption involved between the federal government and Big Tech.

“So with the entire world now falling all apart around Democrats, RINOs and the ‘biden crime family’ at a time when more and more Americans are finally awakening to exactly what these devils in Washington D.C. will do to illegally hold on to power, including quite literally murdering the American people if they stand in their way, they’ll have to ‘take down Washington DC,’ the ‘old,’ before they can completely ‘bring in the new,'” reports All News Pipeline.

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“With such a ‘take down’ also allowing them to wipe away any evidence and proof of what remains of those long-standing crimes upon the American people and the world while bringing their global government crime base to the underground bunkers of the Denver International Airport, even Ukraine’s terrorist President Volodymyr Zelensky recently hinted at such ‘acts of terror’ when he warned of ‘war returning to Russia’ and striking ‘its symbolic centers’ and ‘military bases,’ and Washington D.C. is still the ‘symbolic center’ of ‘freedom’ in America, as well as still the ‘home’ of the U.S. government, no matter how much the globalists attempt to tear things down.”

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What do you think the next false flag attack will be?

More than likely, whatever happens next will be the false flag to end all false flags – and end the United States as we currently know it. Once the globalists realize they lost, they will behave like a rabid animal backed into a corner and lash out at the first sign of obvious failure.

Congress has gone on summer break; students are on summer recess; and the time is now ripe for something big to happen that will distract and disengage the American public from demanding that the Biden Crime Family be held accountable for its criminal actions.

When all else fails, nuclear weapons are also still an option. Perhaps a few dirty nukes in a few major cities will be enough to shift all eyes away from the Bidens, the Schwabs, and the rest of the globalist cabal, and onto the “terrorists” who are trying to destroy America and our “American way of life,” like they loved to say following 9/11.

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“I am more fearful of my own government than of any Russians, Muslim terrorists, or the Chinese,” one commenter wrote.

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