VIDEO: Portland Woman Gets Knocked Out By Homeless Man While Walking the Street – Victim Slams City Democrats for Her Attack and Slow Police Response

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Credit: Fox News video screenshot

Horrifying footage captured a cowardly thug knocking out a female doctor while she was walking at night in Portland. Now she is speaking out and unleashing on the Democrats running the city.

The Portland Police Bureau realized a video Friday showing Mary Costantino, a radiologist, walking the streets of Portland at night with a tall male friend. A homeless man then appears out of nowhere and hurls a heavy object at her, later revealed to be an aluminum bottle.

Constantino is struck squarely in the forehead and falls to the ground. She lies motionless on the ground.

The attacker then briefly approaches the couple and exchanges words with the male friend before darting away.


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Fox News reported the attack occurred just after 10:30 PM.

Constantino told the network in an exclusive interview Wednesday that she was unconscious for a minute. When she woke up, blood pouring out of her mouth due to the attack and briefly thought she and her friend were about to die.

I thought we were still being sort of attacked in some way. I was like, I’m going to just try to verbalize a report of what’s happening, so there’s some record of how I died.

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Credit: Mary Costantino/Fox News

Constantino then immediately dialed 911. But police were not dispatched until 20 minutes later despite the prompt emergency call and arrived on scene eight minutes later according to Portland Police Lt. Nathan Sheppard.

Constantino said she eventually gave up and went home before the cops arrived. But she did not fault the police for not stopping the assault.

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Instead, she placed blame for the attack exactly where it belonged: the Democrats running Portland into the ground.

I do not hold the police accountable for this at all — I hold our city accountable for defunding the police. We don’t have enough police force to protect our citizens, and we did this to ourselves.

If we don’t have police officers to come to the side of somebody who is under attack, then we’re all on our own.


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Indeed, Sheppard said staffing is at historic lows thanks to radical left policies.

Our goal is always to help as much as we can, as quickly as we can. But with our staffing being at historic lows, this has become a challenge for us.

Costantino has also been recently mugged by reality thanks to Democrat-heavy Portland’s pro-crime policies. She told Fox News that she has abandoned the cult of liberalism and is voting Republican.

“I absolutely did not vote for Jo Ann Hardesty,” she said, referring to a previous city commissioner who supported defunding the police. In the 2022 governor’s election, she voted for Republican Christine Drazan.

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