Former ABC reporter James Gordon Meek, who “debunked” Pizzagate scandal, pleads guilty to child pornography charges

He infamously declared, proudly, that he had “debunked” that Pizzagate scandal that the media ultimately dubbed a “conspiracy theory.” Now, former ABC News reporter James Gordon Meek has pleaded guilty to possessing and transporting child pornography, for which he is now serving at least five years – and up to 40 years – in prison.

(Related: After Gordon’s home was raided by the FBI last year, left-wing news outlet Rolling Stone ran cover for him by trying to claim the raid was an abuse of power.)

Meek, 53, admitted to the court in Virginia that he had and shared child pornography and abuse material. The mandatory minimum sentence for his crimes is five years, with up to 40 years being on the table.

At the time of the FBI raid, Meek went missing. He was in the process of writing a book about the Biden regime’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

James Gordon Meek allegedly expressed strong desire to sexually abuse children

Because of the nature of his plea deal, it is unlikely that Meek will have to spend that much time in jail, though. Because of his prominent position and status, he could end up serving very little prison time, perhaps just the five years established as a mandatory minimum sentence for child pornography crimes.

Meek used to be a respected national security journalist whom corporate media consumers trusted as a valid and trustworthy source for news. In the FBI raid on April 27, 2022, his electronic devices were seized and he immediately went off the grid.

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On Meek’s phone, authorities found three conversations in which Meek is said to have expressed a strong desire to sexually abuse children. Meek had also received and sent both photos and videos of child pornography.

In one particularly troubling message, Meek asked someone else on the chat app the following question, followed by a disgusting follow-up statement:

“Have you ever raped a toddler girl? It’s amazing,” Meek allegedly wrote.

In another message, Meek allegedly shared a perverted fantasy he has of “abducting, drugging, and raping” a 12-year-old girl.

Keep in mind that the same media sources Meek was affiliated with and worked for are now freaking out about the popularity of the “Sound of Freedom” film about child trafficking. Are they all upset about this because they, too, are guilty of engaging in sex crimes against children?

It is also important to note that there is no evidence whatsoever that Meek in any way “debunked” the Pizzagate scandal. He claimed to debunk it, but all he did was malign the idea of it publicly, for which the public was expected to just trust and believe his claims.

In many ways, Meek made a career out of claiming that accusations of pedophilia in higher offices of America’s institutions is completely unfounded. It turns out that pedophilia runs rampant at the highest levels of virtually every American institution – including those that claim to “protect” children or lead them to “God.”

“Like Jesus says: it would be better for them if a millstone be placed around their necks and be throw into the sea than to hurt one little one who believes in him!” one commenter wrote about Meek and his kind. “When this scum is outed publicly, we are going to see suicides jump dramatically!”

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“If he actually goes to prison, he will have quite the welcoming party,” expressed another. “If he isn’t killed while there, he will wish he was dead every day. Prisoners don’t take kindly to those who abuse children.”

Pedophilia is a very serious problem in America, especially at the upper echelons of media, religion, and government. Learn more at

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