REPORT: Biden Losing Ground With Working Class, Blacks and Latino Voters

Joe Biden is reportedly losing his footing with working class voters, as well as black and Latino voters.

Democrats and the media can’t be surprised about white working class voters. That ship sailed long ago. These voters know that the Democrat party does not care what happens to them. It’s why these voters became a core part of the Trump coalition.

Black and Latino voters turning away from Biden, on the other hand, has got to have alarm bells going off at the DNC.

Axios reports:

Biden loses ground with working-class Black, Latino voters

One of the main reasons President Biden is struggling in polls against former President Trump is his glaring underperformance with a constituency that has long been overwhelmingly Democratic: non-white voters without a college degree.

Why it matters: As Democrats have made major gains with suburban and upper-middle-class voters since Trump’s political ascendance, they’ve been losing support among blue-collar voters.

  • Pundits have focused heavily in recent years on white, working-class voters who changed their allegiances from former President Obama to Trump — and have made up a key part of the new GOP coalition.
  • But Democrats have lost significant ground among their non-white counterparts as well, turning a political weakness into a major headache heading into 2024.
  • The slippage is occurring even as Trump, the GOP’s standard bearer, is facing an unprecedented trifecta of indictments in the run-up to the 2024 election…

This has to be the thing that has Democrats worried the most:

  • Non-white working-class voters are not satisfied with the state of the economy, despite some clear signs of improvement. Opposition to Biden’s environmental agenda — the view that Democrats are pushing the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy too quickly — is a consistent theme with working-class voters of all backgrounds.
  • Don’t people in Washington know that working class voters are gone?

    Democrats seem to think their new core constituency is the trans community and non-citizens.

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    That’s who they seem to care about the most.

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